Wednesday, August 1, 2018

You're Either With the People or You're With Globalist Money Power

Would you be proud to be a Canadian, a,, resident, of what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls "the world's first post-national state"? Or do you believe that Canadians should care first for their own people and the preservation of their traditional culture and morality, not the profitability of global capital?

The following from an article in First Things, by Matthew Schmitz, draws attention to the way in which the world of capital and its lackeys strive to shape cultural norms to their own purpose.

These are the culture war’s true battle lines. On one side are well-scrubbed members of the managerial class who believe that any constraint on the free movement of labor, goods, and capital is a violation of “global values.” They are fully committed to the central project of neoliberalism: the insulation of markets from democratic pressure. They also wish to protect desire from any legal, cultural, or moral restraint. On the other side are unwashed people of varying political stripes who intuit that economic life should be subject to political authority, which today rests in the nation. They believe in moral norms and national boundaries.

Christians need to practice cultural realpolitik. No explanation of the meaning of marriage, however ­rigorously argued or scrupulously secular, can overcome the power of a managerial elite that is wholly opposed to the kind of society for which Christians hope. Refusal to see this has been fatal to the traditionalists’ cause. While ­arguing against liberal social changes, they have cheered economic policies that harm their natural allies and aid their opponents. They have handed a shovel to their own gravedigger.

Progressives now stand with global capital, as the Pride Parade so clearly shows. Christians in turn should stand with the working class, which is more religious, more diverse, and more patriotic than the managerial elite. Only by reducing inequality and restraining corporations can Christians avoid being buried. Only by challenging the ideology of free markets and open borders can they advance their view of the common good. The struggle between woke capital and the working class will determine the outcome of the culture war.
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