Monday, August 13, 2018

Bashing the Burqa: Boris Johnson Speaks for England

James Delingpole:
[I]n positioning himself as a gently mocking opponent of the burqa, Boris has done his political cause no disservice: at little personal cost and with zero effort he has suddenly established himself as Britain’s Voice of Common Sense — the politician who says what everyone is thinking.
But the real winning move for Boris is the one that all his opponents have been making.
... Every time an Islamist pressure group shrieks “Islamophobia” (while remaining strangely unmoved by: terrorism; rape gangs; FGM; no-go zones; honour killings)…
Every time another SJW “explains” on Twitter how only Muslims can joke about burqas and that for everyone else the entire religion is off limits…
Every time another Remoaner Conservative demands that Boris should apologise — or be disciplined, or resign for saying something that the vast majority of British people agree with…
Every time the BBC runs yet another story giving just one side of the argument — the anti-Boris, anti-Brexit, pro-Islamist side, obvs…
…the majority of people in Britain just shake their heads and go: “This is why I voted Brexit.”
And it makes them more determined than ever to make sure that Brexit happens.
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