Monday, May 28, 2018

A Fast Route to French Citizenship

This story is amazing, extraordinary, so astonishing, in fact, that one has to wonder whether it is exactly true. It is, after all, from the land of Charlie Hebdo, and it is being promoted by, among others, the BBC, an organization without a conspiracy theoretical thought at any level in its very expensive and multi-layered managerial mind.

Thus one ventures to ask, could the video be the record of a stunt: a stunt to glorify the immigrant hoards that have now become the majority in London, Paris and other great European cities?

Certainly the hero of the piece, Mamoudou Massama, is an extraordinary athlete, or should one say stuntman. Certainly his performance in apparently saving the life of a child hanging from a fourth floor balcony demonstrated an astounding combination of nerve, speed, strength and agility. Which raises one of many odd points about the video.

He was, we are told, granted French citizenship for his feat of humanitarian gymnastics and given a job as a fireman. But it seems to me that a man of such nerve, strength and gymnastic ability would be wasting his talents as a mere fireman, however, excellent his performance in that capacity might prove to be.

Rather, surely, he should be headed for Hollywood and training as a professional stuntman, capable surely, of even more extraordinary feats than the late, great Douglas Fairbanks, who as a co-founder of United Artists Studios was one of the dominating figures in the Hollywood of his day.

Also odd is what one might call, "the set-up" for Mamadou's heroic feat. The child hanging from the fourth-floor balcony who is rescued by our hero, is accompanied by an adult who seems to be holding the child by the hand and is placed where they might readily have hauled what was in fact a very small child, onto the balcony, something that Mamadou did one handed the moment he had scaled the outside of the building.

But whatever may be the case, Mamoudou Massama is a man of extraordinary physical fitness, strength and courage. We applaud his achievement, staged or not. When France is peopled almost exclusively by people from Mali and other places to the south of the Sahara, as now seems inevitable under its perpetual regime of cucks, the French people will be a force to be reckoned with.

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