Tuesday, May 1, 2018

After Weeks of Condemning Russia for the Salisbury Horror (but amazingly non-lethal), Nerve Agent Attack on former Russian Spy, Sergei Skripal, and His Daughter, Yulia, UK Authorities Now Claim Total Ignorance About Who Was Responsible

The alleged WMD attack in the quiet cathedral city of Salisbury, England, on the former Russian spy, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, by means of a hyper-deadly nerve agent smeared on a door knob, or sprayed by a drone, or added to the ventilation system of Skripal's car, or possible added to the Skripal's breakfast porridge, has revealed the British Government to be comprised of nothing but a bunch of fakes, frauds, feebletons, and fabulists intent on the promotion of Russophobia.

After claiming the horror chemical weapon attack, on "British soil," was the personal responsibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and after expelling Russian diplomats from the UK in punishment, the British state now says that they have no idea who was responsible for the attack.

Moreover, it is open to question whether the British Government ever had evidence of a nerve agent attack on "British soil." Not only has the Resident in Emergency Medicine at the Salisbury Trust Hospital where the Skripals were allegedly taken for treatment denied that anyone was treated at the hospital for nerve agent poisoning, but the Skripals, the alleged victims who were supposed to be at the point of death, are apparently now fully recovered, but held incommunicado but the British authorities, for reasons not given.

Thus, in the present absence of public information about the investigation relating to the incident, and the gagging of the alleged victims by the British authorities, it is entirely consistent with what is known to assert that the business is totally fake: either a complete non-event, or a staged, non-deadly pseudo attack in which the alleged victims, from whom the public are not allowed to hear, could have been willing participants. Indeed, the Skripal saga looks very much like a staged event designed to stoke hatred of Russia.

Time for Mrs. May to offer President Putin an apology, but don't hold your breath.

SCF: Theresa May is dangerous crackpot and a liar
The whole Salisbury/Skripal affair was made up, plotted, stage managed and produced by British, American and German intelligence services. Everything the UK Government under Theresa May said about the Salisbury affair was pure lies, scripted and made up as talking points sent from Washington DC and Brussels. Everything May said, and Boris Johnson, and Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond with regards to Russia and the Salisbury affair was pure lies. The entire story the English put forward regarding the Salisbury affair kept changing and there were terrible inconsistencies. The whole episode from start to finish was a classic English Monty Python circus act. The Salisbury-Skripal affair was pure English Tory lies. Besides Theresa May who ran the Home Office when all these terrible things [apparently] were going on, knew all about it, did not lift a finger to stop it, did not put up a fight or even resign and lead a rebellion from the backbenches. Theresa May authorised everything she now claims is a terrible threat to UK National Security. The woman must go.
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