Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Skripal Poisonings: Putin to Britain — You Poisoned Our Citizens

Daily Mail, March 28, 2018: Russia has demanded that London provide proof that British spies did not carry out the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that their analysis of the assassination attempt has them to believe in 'a possible involvement in it of the British intelligence services'.

The Ministry says that in the absence of proof of British innocence, Moscow will regard the incident as an attempt on the lives of Russian citizens on foreign soil. 
Since the British statements about the poisoning have consisted in a combination of what we know to be lies, implausible inferences, and threats which taken together make little sense, unsupported by any results of a supposedly ongoing police investigation, Russia's position has plausibility.

Skripal Provocation Aimed at Increasing NATO Military Budget’ – Russian Deputy FM [After 3:10]

Furious China ramps up support for Russia on Skripal, calls West’s actions “outrageous”

And in another report,

the Daily Mail states that:

Judge may have to decide whether to turn off Sergei Skripal's life support amid fears his death could ratchet up diplomatic clash with Putin - as friends say spy and his daughter 'should be allowed to die'
Which is remarkable, since the latest police, theory according to today's BBC World Service news report, is that the Skripal's were poisoned at home, which they left many hours before they were found stricken in a Salisbury park.

Seems like this Novichok is real slow acting poison, quite unlike what one has come to expect of a nerve agent. But that makes no sense. Prime Minister May said it was a military-grade nerve agent, which means, as President Putin has pointed out, that it should have killed the Skripal's instantly, not incapacitated them hours after exposure.

But apparently the Brits and their American masters just believe whatever anyone tells them. And Russian sources are suggesting that what the British Government is telling the British dumbocracy about Russians poisoning people with "military-grade" nerve toxins, is in fact to divert attention from an ongoing scandal about mass rape of English children by Muslim settler immigrants.

To us, that seems a little far-fetched, but not as crazy as the idea that the Putin would personally poison an English-resident-, pardoned, Russian traitor, when the perfect opportunity to do so was years ago when said traitor was in a Russian jail.

However, if Skripal is a triple agent, working with MI6 as a Russian agent, then the Brits would have had a good reason to poison him, which is what the Russians seem to be hinting at.

Moreover, Russia’s Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said Thursday that research by Western nations into the class of nerve agent called Novichok was evident from numerous open-source documents produced by NATO members. She also denounced Britain’s assertion that Russia was behind the nerve agent attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter as a “swindle” and an “international provocation.”

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