Sunday, October 22, 2017

No Pride Please: We're Canadians A fraternity group known as the ProudBoys, a club whose members identify as Western Chauvinists, began receiving negative press from Canadian media outlets in July of this year when The Halifax Five – a group of ProudBoys who happened to be enlisted in the Canadian military, interrupted an anti Canada protest in Halifax where indigenous Canadians as well as individuals consisting of other ethnicities were denouncing Canada’s history. The men were subsequently labeled racists who according to the media disrespected an “indigenous ceremony”. Throughout the last several months members of the ProudBoys have been finding themselves the targets of discrimination from various individuals and groups ranging from university student associations, to business establishments, to the mainstream media, to the far left radical gang known as Antifa.

No Pride Allowed!!!

Despite having nothing to do with the advocacy of white supremacy or bigotry in any form, reports of ProudBoys being kicked out of bars and pubs across southern Ontario for simply being identified as members of the frat club have found there way to this blogger via social media and word of mouth, including one incident that was covered by blogTO – a major blog here in Toronto.

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