Thursday, October 19, 2017

Immigration, Treason, the Death of Democracy

The case against the ruling Treason Party, whether in Washington or Westminster, Oslo or Ottawa, Copenhagen or Canberra, is forcefully made in the opening paragraphs of an essay by James Kirkpatrick on the Website of Ron Unz:
There is no hatred more complete and no malevolence more fanatical than that held by the American political class for the American people. The commissar’s rage against the kulaks, the jihadist’s fury against the infidel, the inquisitor’s wrath against the unbeliever, all of this pales in comparison to the genocidal bloodlust Senators and Congressmen have against their own constituents. And even as they gleefully promote the outsourcing of jobs, the importation of cheap labor, and the ruthless extirpation of property, wealth and liberty, these shameless parasites demand their slaves die to export their filthy System all over the world.
The article fails, however, to put the Treason Party in context, or explain the reason for its existence. Whether it’s Traitor McCain or Thereason May, one cannot understand self-genocidal Anglo-American policy on nationalism, migration and war without understanding the more than one-hundred-year-old Anglo-American conspiracy for global governance.

The globalists are the Treason Party because they have abandoned the home electorate for a global electorate. To achieve their goal of global rule, they have opened the borders of the Western nations to create an immigrant globalist constituency at home upon which they can rely to overrule the natives in the final push for world government under the authority of institutions such as the UN, WTO, NATO, EU, etc., all subject to the ultimate control of the Money Power, i.e., the bankers, the global corporations and the few dynamic elements of the billionaire class, such as the Nazi Jew, George Soros, the late unlamented David Rockefeller, etc.

The man who wrote the book on this treasonous conspiracy was Carrol Quigley, of Harvard and Georgetown University, the mentor who inspired the young Bill Clinton to embark on a career in politics and sent him on his way to Oxford University with a Rhodes scholarship, which is to say a scholarship funded by the author of the globalist conspiracy, Cecil Rhodes.

It was Rhodes, with his financial backers, including Lord Rothschild, the executor of Rhodes' estate, and his media and political associates (W.T. Stead, Editor of the Times of London, the world's then most important newspaper, and Lord Milner, a British statesman and colonial administrator who played a leading role in the formulation of British foreign and domestic policy between the mid-1890s and early 1920s) who established a secret society to promote a plan for globalization.

The secret society exerted political influence through the international front organization known as the Round Table Group (cf Chatham House, and its affiliates in Canada, Australia, etc.), which among its spinoffs, is the Council on Foreign Relations, the world's most important think tank, of which almost every US President, except John F. Kennedy, has been a member.

After the first world war, the globalist project was stalled by the emergence of the Soviet-Chinese Communist block representing an altogether different concept of global governance. But with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the way was clear for full project implementation. Hence the announcement by George H. W. Bush of the New World Order.

The challenges to be overcome in pursuing this project were two-fold. First, was the objection of the democratic European nations whose peoples wished for their countries' continued existence as the homelands of democratic and free European peoples. To that problem, the adopted solution was genocide, this to be achieved by suppressed reproduction combined with mass replacement immigration. The fertility of the indigenous population was to be suppressed by a combination of state enforced sex "education" that teaches that reproduction is the only sexual vice; economic oppression wrought by off-shoring of jobs, competition for jobs and housing from millions of immigrants; the pressure of social disintegration through the impact of multi-culturalism; and a burden of high taxation necessary to pay for the additional infrastructure — maternity hospitals, schools, universities, highways, etc., needed to accommodate the immigrant flood.

The second challenge to the New World Order, was the continued existence of Russia and China as independent and fiercely nationalistic countries. To that challenge, there are two possible solutions. One is internal subversion by a combination of bribery, blackmail and murder, to bring the leadership of those countries to the bidding of the Globalist Treason Party that rules in the West. However, the  feasibility of bribing key members of the Chinese and Russian elites when most of the members of those elites are already billionaires seems doubtful. As for reliance on blackmail or murder, there is the unwelcome risk of Russian or Chinese payback in the West.

The only realistic prospect for overturning the Asian nationalists, would appear, therefore, to be war, the sooner the better, since the Asian powers, including India, are becoming continually stronger. Will Donald Trump, "I'm the most militaristic person" pull the trigger, or are the globalists facing humiliating failure? The widespread and growing contempt of the public for the political class throughout the West is an encouraging indication that the globalist crime of attempted genocide against the European peoples will fail of complete fulfillment, although repairing the damage will be a gigantic undertaking. Most likely, however, is that the Treason class will keep pushing for a military solution to the conflict with the Asian powers, with incalculable, but certainly catastrophic consequences.


Sebastion Kurz, Austrian President: “The people of Austria have rejected the New World Order, and it is my duty and my privilege to uphold their will.”

YouTube: Carroll Quigley on Western Civilization 1/7

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