Wednesday, September 20, 2017

UK Conservative PM, Thereason May, Trashes Nation States At UN: Calls for Global Communism, Unrestricted Movement of Goods, Capital and People

Treason May at the UN adopts the "Share der Welf" Call of the British Immigrant Underclass.

I was going to embed the U-Tube video but U-Tube seems to have eliminated the video share facility. I guess it was an embarrassment to them that with every video they deleted as a matter of political censorship it generated multiple pages on the Web with the "This Video No Longer Available" notice, thereby confirming what anyone who has thought about it much knows, namely, that U-Tube serves a purpose exactly equivalent to the Memory Hole of Orwell's distopian novel "1984." *

Anyhow, all that May had to say seems to have been that we should abolish the nation state and let as many poor people from Africa (fertility rate around three times the replacement rate), Asia and the middle East flood into the Western nations that, without exception, have a below replacement fertility rate. In other words, she called for the destruction of the Western nations.

Obviously, she's a globalist, and no one in their right minds would trust her with responsibility for Brexit. Hence, presumably Boris Johnson's rumblings about resigning from the cabinet. He should get on with it.

Oh, and she also wants to flood the high-wage Western nations with cheap goods made by people earning pennies an hour in Asian sweatshops, thereby destroying what prosperity will remain in the West as the indigenous nations are overwhelmed by immigrants of a settler mentality and of an alien race, religion and culture.

This is either moron liberalism leading to national genocide, or its the work of a paid stooge of the Money Power deliberately calling for the destruction of her own nation and people. Either way, May well deserves the Treason soubriquet.

* Not correct. There is still an embed link, but it has been relocated to the lower right hand corner of the share window.


  1. May does NOTHING. It is your fine "Law Enforcement" who make things happen. Until you deal appropriately with THEM, nothing will change for the better.

    I live on the west side of the Pond. Over here, our Elite have their Blue Wall. They stand behind same and laugh, for they know the Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin' in. Oath of office be damned!