Friday, August 11, 2017

How the Shit CEO of Google, the Dirty Search Engine Company, Dicked Himself

There's an amazing comment over at on an article about James Damore, the Google software engineer fired for circulating a memorandum alleging that Google has a toxic workplace culture that is dominated by SJW bigots and bullies who seek to intimidate, eliminate or subordinate white males for the benefit of women and ethnic minorities.

Thus, someone writing under the pseudonym of The Alarmist, wrote:
Damone [sic] is somebody’s shill.
So we are to understand that exposing the reality of liberal-leftist bigotry, bullying and discrimination is proof that you’re “sombody’s shill”? What kind of bullshit argument is that?

Then, the Alarmist continues:
Nobody with two functioning brain cells would publish that memo in that environment without some expectation of losing his job; either he is looking for fame and a payout, or he is simply insane.
Which reveals what a scoundrel mentality the Alarmist has. Exposing corruption, bigotry, and manipulation of the public mind through the control of information is something the Alarmist thinks a sane person would do, only for fame or money.

The idea of blowing the whistle on a bunch of dirty manipulators, bigots, bullies and scumbags who routinely misdirect the public for both political ends or to boost profits because you no longer wish to work with them on the terms they have set, or because you think the public should know what such people are doing, or because you believe in propagating truth not using the most powerful tools for the enlightenment of humanity for the purpose of pushing some grotesque leftist agenda is, apparently, to a moral numbskull such as the Alarmist, unintelligible.

What a sick society America has become, that it can produce individuals who not only think as the Alarmist does, but who think anyone who thinks otherwise is insane.

But the cherry on the cake is that Damore did not blow the whistle on anyone. He merely circulated a memorandum among what Pichai, Google’s idiot savant CEO, calls “Googlers”. It was Pichai, confirming his own idiocy, who blew the whistle on himself by firing Damore.

What delicious irony. The shit CEO of the dirty search engine company, dicked himself.

What the Damore incident proves, is that Internet search is too important to leave to Internet search companies. Governments should require search engine companies providing service within their territory to provide the national library with unrestricted, unfiltered access to the search provider's database. By thus creating a national data resource, governments would be making a demand on search companies analogous to the obligation they already place upon publishers to provide hard copies and digital copies of every book that they publish.

Such a national data resource would allow the US Library of Congress and other national libraries to develop their own publicly accessible search facilities, based not on one, but on all search engine databases. Because maintaining and interrogating search engine databases consumes resources, the provision of database access to public libraries should be compensated at rates allowing a reasonable return on investment to the original database owners. In turn, national libraries should sell access to commercial search engines that offer specialized search algorithms.

By these means, the power of corporations such as Google to exert undue influence over public access to information would be broken, and the range of data available to the public and the means by which it is accessed would be greatly enhanced.


This blog is published by Google, on the blogger platform. Presumably this piece will not receive top billing in Google searches for the Damore affair. But we'll see.


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Which brings us to Pichai, the supposed grown-up in the room. He could have wrestled with the tension between population-level research and individual experience. He could have stood up for the free flow of information. Instead he joined the mob. He fired Damore and wrote, “To suggest a group of our colleagues have traits that make them less biologically suited to that work is offensive and not O.K.”

That is a blatantly dishonest characterization of the memo. Damore wrote nothing like that about his Google colleagues. Either Pichai is unprepared to understand the research (unlikely), is not capable of handling complex data flows (a bad trait in a C.E.O.) or was simply too afraid to stand up to a mob.

Regardless which weakness applies, this episode suggests he should seek a nonleadership position. We are at a moment when mobs on the left and the right ignore evidence and destroy scapegoats. That’s when we need good leaders most.

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