Monday, July 31, 2017

Racist White Scum Intent on the Destruction of Their Own People

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray rattles on about the war crimes of Tony Blair, yet he is complicit with Blair in Blair's greatest crime: the crime of genocide against his own people. The Destruction of the British people through mass replacement immigration. Murray calls racist, any who oppose race-replacement mass immigration to low fertility Europe.

Thus, on his blog, I wrote:
Tony Blair is criminal scum, no doubt. But responsibility for killing a million or so Iraqis is not his greatest crime. His greatest crime, actively supported by [his successors] Cameron and May and our host Craig Murray himself, is the extinction of the European people, including the Scots, by mass replacement immigration of vicious settlers like these:

Scottish Taxpayers Fund ‘Art Performance’ Calling Whites ‘Inbred Spawn Soon To Die Out’

But [it is] a waste of time drawing attention to this crime, here [on Murray's blog], since this comment will probably last all of 60 seconds before Craig Murray’s white-hating, PC “moderator” deletes it.

Still it will be interesting to check back to see how long it remains visible. 

Counting to start NOW. [July 31, 2017 at 17:52]

And then I added: 
Oh, and there’s this black privileged son-of-a-bitch one might mention also.

But this link will surely be scrubbed in seconds. [July 31, 2017 at 17:55]
Wow, but it was still there at 18:02. Murray's Mod must be asleep at the switch.

But I must give credit where credit is due. My comment is still there after ten minutes.

Not much credit though. Within 30 minutes Murray's anti-white racist moderator deleted the second comment copied above. Apparently, a reference to a black privileged scoundrel at Cambridge University was too much for Craig Murray to bear.


By 18:32, the other of my two comments at had been deleted. So it lasted approximately 30 minutes.

I've now added the following comment to Murray's blog and will reports it's inevitable demise, as it occurs:
Ha! I see my second comment referencing a black-privileged white-hating, racist scumbag has already been deleted, together with the link back to my post on Murray's Tony Blair humbug. Well below is that link to the stench of racial self-genocide at Cambridge University, which will stay on line at for for a few minutes at best, that's assuming that Murray's little shit of a moderator has taken time off for piss, or to smoke a joint, or whatever Murray acolytes do to pass the time when not actively screwing their native race.

All white people are racist': Cambridge University probes head of equality group for saying white men, women and children 'can all get it’ as he heaps praise on London rioters in shocking Twitter outburst

 And here again is the deleted link to my further comment on Murrray's stupendous humbug.

OK count down to comment deletion beginning now (18:33).

Craig's little side-shit finally got his arse in gear and deleted all my comments. So they lasted all of, five to 25 minutes. So much for a British Liberal. The liberals in Britain really might as well reorganize themselves as the Colored, and Wannabe Colored, Coalition of Fascists for the Extermination of the White Race.


No Go Zones: ‘No Whites Allowed After 8 PM’ Graffiti Appears in Birmingham, England
Jordan Peterson: Why Globalism Fails and Nationalism is Relatable

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