Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bill Gates: If Germans Want to Help Poor People, They Should Help Them in Their Country of Origin, Not Destroy Europe By Inciting Mass Immigration

Destruction of the European nations has been the objective of EuroAmerican elite policy for decades, but it has now kicked into high gear as the end-game approaches.

The policy objective is to replace nation state democracy with global governance, which is to say governance by Money-Power-controlled international bodies such as the World Trade Organization, the corrupt United Nations Organization, etc., etc.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to destroy the most powerful independent nations, which heretofore, have been the European nations. And the means to destroy the European nations is to destroy their people. The goal of the globalist Money Power is thus continental genocide.

The intended means for the genocide of the European peoples are three psychological weapons of mass destruction: (1) The diversity meme, (2) the multi-culturalism meme, (3) sex "education," a state enforced process of indoctrination to sterilize the European people.

Diversity is our strength, as Canada's nit-wit globalist prime minister asserts, is totally contrary to the truth in any country. Insofar as Canada is strong, it is strong because it is unified: unified culturally, and unified racially as the result of widespread cultural assimilation and racial mixing.

But Europe, unlike Britain's former white dominions, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is the homeland of the European people. Moreover, Europe is both vastly more constricted in area and very much more heavily populated than either the former British white dominions or the vast continents of Africa and Asia from whence Europe's flood of immigrants derive.

Demographics are Destiny: The Death of Europe.
Thus, even if diversity, whether racial or cultural, were generally a good thing, Europe provides no space for a mass of immigrants except through the imposition of crushing overcrowding at the expense of  native Europeans.

But European leaders, whether due to imbecility or corruption, have compounded the vast impact of mass immigration on welfare expenditure, infrastructure expenditure, and crime, with the totally poisonous concept of multiculturalism.

Again, Canada provides the example of how a sane government handles a mix of people differing in cultural background: the state may mouth platitudes about strength through diversity and the cultural mosaic, but it distributes the immigrants to the furthermost parts of the continent where a dozen or so of, say, Somali Muslim families find themselves immersed in a rural backwater where folks take no shit from Justin Trudeau or anyone else. The result? Ma and Pa may stick to their faith in Allah or the Great Panjandrum, but their children will talk Canadian, think Canadian and, in its essential distinctness, altogether reject their parental culture.

But the Brits, the French, the Germans, the Dutch, the Danes, and all the other benighted European nations do mass immigration differently. They invite millions to settle in ghettos where the culture and race of origin propagates with little if any concession to the indigenous people or national culture. Muslim girls of the settler population, despite the European setting, may nevertheless be subject to genital mutilation, taken out of school early to prevent local acculturation, sent to Pakistan or wherever for a cousin marriage, and prevented in many cases from learning the local, i..e, European, language. As a result, not only have whole districts of European towns become enclaves of a foreign nation and culture, but major cities. For example, London, Paris, and Frankfurt all now have immigrant majorities.In Birmingham, Britain's second city, the English are not even the largest minority in many elementary schools.

All of this is encouraged by stupid or corrupt politicians such as Theresa May, who, as UK Home Secretary, encouraged the formation of Shariah courts in Britain. A basic function of any culture is to enable all people, whether known to one another or not, to interact peacefully and productively because they are socially and psychologically embedded in the same general set of beliefs concerning ethics, manners, politics and law. Multiculturalism is thus the means to destroy a society, to break it up into mutually hostile and competitive groups willing, when opportunity arises, to kill one another, as is the case, for example, of Muslims and Hindus in India, or Muslims and Britons in Britain, as recent event prove.

But the killer that assures the ultimate break up and take over of the European nations by alien settlers is sex "education," which instills the idea that the only sexual vice is reproduction. The result of such state enforcement of sexual perversion  is that all European nations have a below replacement fertility rate, a rate that is barely half the replacement rate in Italy, Germany, Hungary and sundry other European nations.

What does the collapse of European fertility mean at a time of mass immigration? It means replacement of the Europeans as the majority in their own homelands within a generation. That's genocide.

Oh, and Bill Gates? For whatever reason, he seems to have realized, rather late in the day, that wiping out the European people may not be such a great idea. Well, if so, good for Gates, but until we see the Treason Party politicians, the Blairs, the Clintons, the Merkels and Mays exposed and humiliated, if not jailed or worse, the outlook for the Europeans will remain poor to hopeless.


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