Monday, June 12, 2017

May Fucks Up So Britain Now Dominated By a Triumvirate of Women, May, Arlene Foster of the DUP, and Ruth Davidson of the Scotch Tories — the Three of Them Urged On to Trash the UK's National Independence by Nicola Sturgeon of the Scotch Nats, and Refugee Rapist-Friend, Frau Merkel

America has been spared, thus far, the horror of the first female President in the shape of a psychopathic Hillary Clinton. But the United Kingdom looks set for a rapid flush down the tubes under the female triumvirate of silly, Islamist's friend, Prime Minister May, Ulster's DUP leader Arlene Foster, and Leader of the Scotch Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, none of whom appear interested in national sovereignty, but rather prefer to live under the anti-democratic EU with its mandate for endless mass replacement immigration.

That the emergence of women in government leads to national suicide is, in fact, exactly what the science of evolutionary biology predicts. Thus, as Satoshi Kanazawa, of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science writes in a paper entitled: The Evolutionary Psychology Perspective on War, Conquest, and Alien Rule:

For foreign conquest and alien rule, the evolutionary psychological perspective suggests that women should fear alien rule much less than men, but only so long as they are reproductive, because they then have a good chance of being spared by the conquerors and have the option of marrying into them. Accordingly, the analyses of the Eurobarometer data show that young women are much less xenophobic than young men, but the sex differences disappear around age 50.
Or as the Irish Savant comments:
Women, especially younger White women, are highly xenophilic. They're the ones usually holding the REFUGEES WELCOME signs and poll after poll shows them voting for open borders and against 'right wing' candidates. Obviously virtue-signalling is an important motivator with vacuous young women but there's also an evolutionary psychology dimension.
The same point is made rather more graphically over at Jim's blog:
In the ancestral environment, as today, male slaves don’t reproduce. Female slaves generally outreproduce free women. Thus the optimal strategy for a woman in our present day environment, is to act in ways that gets the west conquered by Islamic State.
The Western world was created under a moderate form of patriarchal government. The adoption of feminism as a basic principle of governance means the death of the West. Already the West is far gone. With Frau Merkel, and silly Ms. May at the helm of powerful Western states, and male leaders of the feminist school such as Justin Trudeau in power elsewhere, it will be game over shortly unless Putin and Trump are able to push back vigorously and with permanent effect before both pushed under by the party of Traitors for Feminism.

Meantime: Thereason May plots soft Brexit with Labor Party Remainers. Urged on by David Camoron.


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