Monday, May 29, 2017

National Conservatism: Against Genocidal Globalism

It is time now for intolerance of the genocidal intolerance of liberals for the European people, Western civilization and the Western ethical tradition. It is time now for the National Conservative Revolution.

We will embrace immigrants, we will embrace Jews, we will embrace Muslims, we will embrace Hindus, Buddhists and all the world, provided only that those who live in our country embrace our nation, our national cultural tradition and our Christian ethical values.

We embrace capitalism, the capitalism of competitive free markets regulated in our national interest, not the interests of global corporations, and we will destroy all monopolies, and will tear-up all international trade agreements that override our national law or our national interest.

We will end mass immigration and return phony refugees whence they came. We will restore the fertility of our nation, by restoring housing affordability, income security and the traditional concept of marriage and family. We will provide incentives for married couples to raise children, which incentives will provide married women with children economic security without the necessity of pursuing a career.

We will clear out the corrupt, hating, intolerant liberals, Commies and perverts in our schools and universities and restore to those institutions their proper function of educating our young people and motivating the most able and creative among them to fulfill their potential in the service of our nation. We will eliminate quotas on hiring and student recruitment and restore merit as the sole criterion for academic appointments, and selective school admissions. We will end the promotion of perversion in schools under the guise of sex "education" and we will encourage chastity among the young and life-long, monogamy among adults.

That was the Trump manifesto. Whether Trump comes through or not will not alter the fact that the NatCon agenda has been set. In the future, ordinary people opposed to the destruction of their families and their nation will judge those running for political office according as whether they are for national genocide or for national regeneration.

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