Monday, April 3, 2017

Why the West Is Going Down the Tubes, No. 78: Morons in Academia

When I was a university student in Britain more than 50 years ago, a university generally conceded to be near, if not at, the bottom of the academic pile, was the University of Hull. To judge by the latest news from Hull, the University there remains at or near the bottom of what appears now to be an academic manure pile. Specifically, the University of Hull has taken another step on the route to becoming a fully fledged loony bin.

The evidence?

Students at the University have been told:
Essays will be marked down unless they use ‘gender-sensitive language’.
Why? Because, according to a document sent to students:
Language is important and highly symbolic
Well, yes, language is undeniably important, I mean, our whole civilization depends upon the human gift of speech, but what has that to do with the use of "gender-sensitive language," whatever "gender-sensitive language" may be?

Likewise, there's no contest over the notion that language is "highly symbolic." I mean, that's what words are, symbols. Right?

But what's the logic here?

Well here's the explanation, or at least what purports to be an explanation:
In your essay I thus expect you to be aware of the powerful and symbolic nature of language and use gender-sensitive formations.
Ignoring the grammatical malconstruction of the sentence, note the "thus", which confirms that the statement is supposed to be an explanation.

But the elaboration of the argument makes absolutely no goddam sense. It's like saying: because blood is red your shouldn't kill people. There is simply no logical connection between the repeatedly stated fact that language is important, powerful, symbolic, etc. and the insistence on "gender-sensitive language."

All we can conclude is that this letter has been written by a cretin with no idea what they are talking about for the sole purpose of telling students to be PC or they'll be fucked. Hence:
Failure to use gender-sensitive language will impact on your mark.
"will impact on your mark"?   Anyone who writes with such vacuous pomposity should never have any authority in a classroom.

But apparently not all British academics are morons, at least not those of the generation now retired. Thus, as Frank Furedi, emeritus professor of sociology at Kent University, told The Sunday Times:
This linguistic policing is used as a coercive tool to impose a conformist outlook. The alternative is to pay a penalty of being marked down.
Right. The Western university is now an institution for the brainwashing of youth by fools without the slightest skill in the use of the noble English language.

So what can anyone do?

Burn the goddam place down, I would say.

Time now to summon up the blood and the spirit of King Alfred and show some Anglo-Saxon push-back against these airheads and birdbrains in academia who are so carefully nurtured by those in government whether, left, right or center: all of them, the politicians, I mean, the Blairs, the Camerons, and the Mays, useless Treason Party assets all, screwing the British people to insure that they get their after-office payoffs from the globalist money power,the latter intent on destroying not only the democratic, sovereign nation state, but both the intelligence of the youth of the nation and the beauty and effectiveness of the English language.

It surely cannot be long before not having a university education will be a mark of social and intellectual status. 

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