Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Joins the List of American Presidents Who Went to War on a Lie: Launches Attack on Syria

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Bill Clinton: Waged war on Serbia over non-existent Kosovo mass graves
George W. Bush: Waged war on Iraq over non-existent WMD's
Barack Obama: Turned Africa's wealthiest country, Libya, into a terrorist-dominated failed state over Libyan Government's determination to eliminate US-backed terrorists in Benghazi
Donald Trump: Begins "bombing the shit out of" Syrian government forces over Syria's alleged use of chemical weapons. (For some reason killing someone in as little as ten seconds with Sarin gas is judged by all American politicians to be far worse than killing people the American way, by burning them to death with white phosphorus and napalm, while poisoning the next generation with fallout from the use of depleted uranium projectiles.)
We Are Change Luke Rudkowski walks us through all President Trump’s lies to unlawfully attack Syria. Trump’s choice is to join War Criminals rather than ‘drain the swamp.’ ‘We the People’s’ choice is to demand .01% arrests rather than serve Orwellian rogue state empire
We Are Change Luke Rudkowski walks us through all President Trump’s lies to unlawfully attack Syria. Trump’s choice is to join War Criminals rather than ‘drain the swamp.’ ‘We the People’s’ choice is to demand .01% arrests rather than serve Orwellian rogue state empire

U.S. Forces Entering Syria From Jordanian Border

.01% rogue state empire war and poverty-murders 20,000 to 30,000 every day in OBVIOUS Crimes Against Humanity. 2-minute video to see 20,000 human deaths; total since 1997 of more than all wars/violence in human history: are you demanding .01% arrests?

Trump owns shares in company firing missiles into Syria, making $1.5b in one day for Raytheon

Evidence of manipulation by #MuslimBrotherhood Whitehelmets staging Chemical Attack, same person appears again and again #Syria

150 Thousand US Troops to Syria?

Neocon warmongers Unite in Support of Real Donald Trump

Daily Mail deletes story on US Planned False Flag in Syria


AntiWar: US Insists Russia Responsible for Syria Gas Attack
Looks like Trump is setting the stage for an all out spasm nuclear war with Russia. No time for delay: Congress should move to impeach Trump now on grounds of insanity. Trouble is, all Trump's opponents hate him for not being warlike enough.
Goodbye Amerika. Goodbye World.
Peter Hitchens: It's WMD all over again
Zero Hedge: N Korea – unforgivable US aggression in Syria validates nuke missile program
Fort Russ: Only 23 out of 59 US missiles hit target, damage is "laughable" - Syrian officer
The Millenium Report: Swedish Medical Associations Say White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos
Daily Bell: How the U.S. Armed Syrian Rebels to Set Up an Excuse to Attack Assad than 24 hours after US strikes, Syrian jets take off from Shayrat airbase
In the end, the US may not only be reviled for this incident but made a laughing stock. The situation is well summed up by Michael Rivero:

1. Based on an obvious false-flag that nobody believes, Trump launched about $90 million worth of Tomahawk Cruise missiles at the Shayrat Air Base in Syria.

2. Out of 59 missiles, only 23 actually hit the base, with most of those hitting the outskirts of the base and doing no real damage.

3. 18 people were killed on the base, including Russian personnel. Many died fighting the fires rather than in the attack itself.

4. Nine planes were destroyed, six of them 1960s vintage MIG-23s.

5. The remaining 37 cruise missiles hit civilian targets including the villages of Shayrat, Al-Hamrat, and Al-Manzul, killing more civilians, including children!

So Trump, in his faux fury over the faux Assad crime of killing civilians and children ... is killing civilians and children.

6. And the base is back in operation. 
GatewayPundit: Doctor For Syrian Chemical Attack is a Jihadist From the U.K.
Irish Savant: Hope Dies 
or, Trump is just another cuck, and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is a Chabad Jew
Ann Coulter: Trump will destroy own credibility with war in Syria
Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” with Chemical Weapons
 FortRuss: Daily Mail deleted article about US plan to stage chemical attack in Syria
Zero Hedge: US Preparing Sanctions Against Syria
IWB: George Soros Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria
Scott Adams: A synical real political analysis of the US bombing raid on Syria
Sputnik: Reports of Chemical Attack Appeared Before Syrian Airstrike in Idlib - Syrian FM
American Free Press: Liar-in-Chief Trump's deep state roots
Fox News: Stoking Russophobia, refers to Russia as "the Soviets"

Global Research: Pentagon Trained Syria’s Al Qaeda “Rebels” in Chemical Weapons use
Daily Mail: Putin ends cooperation with US in Syria, calls Trump a war criminal
ZeroHedge: Trump Wins ISIS and AlQaeda support
UnzReview: Lies that Justified Wars Past
UnzReview: The Trump Administration Goes Neocon-Crazy
Twitter: Ivanka may smell like vanilla, but she's still a twat
FortRuss: America can't aim for shit
FortRuss: Meantime, ISIS goes on attack
The Sun: Trump takes world to bring of WWIII

Independent: Russia says US came within inches of clash with Russian forces
Sputnik: Russia says missile strike planned long ago, nerve gas pretext bullshit
The Duran: 10 reasons why Trump illegally attacked Syria
Independent: Russia to bolster Syrian air defences — derides Trump over 'extremely low' effectiveness of bombing
Michael Savage: You want war with Russia?
Truthout: Donald Trump's War Crimes
HTB: Isis thanks Trump
Sputnik: Putin declares US attack aggression

BBC: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said Bashar al-Assad should have no role in a future Syria
12160.Info: Trump the Deep State Candidate: Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos
NBC: Tillerson blames Russia for chemical weapon use in Syria
NBC: Trump Launches Fifty Missiles at Syria
Yahoo: Russia warns of 'negative consequences'
Zero Hedge: Trump Weighs Military "Saturation Strike" In Syria, Resulting In Russian Deaths
Peter Ford ("Former UK Ambassador to Syria): Assad not behind chemical weapons attack

Craig Murray: The Balance of Probabilities
Zero Hedge: Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag
Scott Adams: Assad Gas Attack is Bunk
Global Research: Syria Chemical Weapons Red Flags and False Flags
Joe Quinn: St. Petersburg Metro Bombing, Syria Chemical Attack - Trump Folds to the 'Deep State'?

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