Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fooling Most Americans All the Time: America's Fake Democracy

America is not a democracy. It never has been. It is a republic governed by an executive, a legislature,  a judiciary, and a media oligopoly, all owned by, and subordinate to, the globalist corporate interest and a few dynamic members of the billionaire class.

So-called democratic elections in America are a charade to keep the masses docile. Election results are dictated by the Money Power who employ all forms of legal and illegal subornation (election campaign contributions and hospitality such as the use of corporate executive jets, girls, boys, booze and cash in brown envelopes, plus most importantly, the promise of after-office payoffs in the form of speaking fees, ridiculously large advances on book royalties, corporate directorships, etc.) to insure that the majority of those elected serve the plutocratic interest whatever they may promise while on the campaign trail. In addition, the public is duped by propaganda and intimidated by false flag terrorism.

Under this system of government, the President of the United States is, in reality, the Liar-in-Chief. The big lie Trump, the incumbent Liar-in-Chief  is pushing today is that Syria's government is gassing its own people. This is the pretext for whatever war measures are necessary to bring down the legitimate Syrian government, and replace it with a regime or regimes (following break-up of the country) that do whatever the global hegemon — the United States of Aggression, orders. In particular, the US wants Russian bases out of Syria and a pipeline through Syria to carry natural gas from the Gulf states (Anglo-American subordinates all) to Europe, thereby undercutting Russia's energy exports.

So how has the lie about Syria's President Assad gassing his own people been pushed? With a picture of a bit of busted pipe in a pothole. There you are: proof conclusive. Inevitably, some annoying people will argue about the evidence, pointing out it that it unconvincing to say the least or even that it is entirely implausible. But I don't see why they bother.

The only thing that matters, so far as the US Government is concerned, is that most people more or less believe whatever it is the US Government happens to be saying today (just about everyone having already forgotten what the Government said yesterday).

So what does it take to convince most Americans of some far-fetched or totally implausible lie? Well, here in the case of the alleged Syrian gas attack, we have a perfect example. It's a picture of a regular pothole plus a piece of junk, part of something that's been blown up, which could readily be found lying around just about anywhere in a country where nearly everything has already been blown up.

With such evidence, why wouldn't most Americans believe whatever the government says. I mean, half of all Americans are, by definition, of below average intelligence, and most of them have a totally crap government-directed education comprising mainly PC propaganda and compounded by eight hours a day of crap television. 

And on top of that, people can have confidence in the government story because Google, FakeBook, etc., now stick a "This is True" label on whatever the US Government says is the case. Clever that, innit: they've cracked the hard problem in philosophy: "What is Truth?" They have found the answer, they have defanged the serpent in the garden of knowledge. I guess they must have an algorithm for it. 


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