Monday, March 13, 2017

Unbrainwashing the Brainwashed

The Irish Savant has a piece about the logical obtuseness of those indoctrinated in the Islamic faith, the story of the Jewish Holocaust, or the need for greater toleration of mass Third-World immigration to Europe and North America.

The Savant's conclusion is that brainwashing must change the chemistry of the brain in such a way as to make its victims resistant to all logical argument. That is undoubtedly correct. It is also easily understood.

Brainwashing associates all kinds of bad things with people who reject the brainwasher's memes. Such people are raaacist, they're haters, they're bigoted, or they're anti-Semites, or mysogenists, or homophobes, or blah, blah, blah, whereas the brainwashed are good liberal people, moral people, people who will sacrifice even their own tribe to win the approbation of the beautiful (and often very weird) people like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Obama the new Messiah, Pope Francis for a Muslim Europe, and all the rest of the scumbag elite!

So obviously, anything that rebuts the brainwashing creates horrible tension. No way does anyone want to be a raaaacist, or have an aged painted whore named Madonna refuse to give them a blow job because the didn't vote for the aged painted whore Hillary, who holds them in total contempt.

Thus, as Scott Adams explains, faced by evidence of the complete illogicality of their beliefs, the brainwashed hallucinate rationalizations of whatever they've been brainwashed to believe.

There's no way to unbrainwash the brainwashed except by the methods of the brainwashers. Rational argument won't work because rational people cannot be brainwashed in the first place. But you cannot unbrainwash the brainwashed unless you have the same tools as the brainwashers, i.e., the media, Hollywood, No. 10 Downing St., the White House, etc.

Today, the bastards for the genocide of the European people through suppressed reproduction, e.g., Pope Francis who urges a one-child population on the already fast declining European people, and mass immigration, e.g., the Obama/Hillary/Paul Ryan Treason Party for open borders, are in the saddle and the only way to save the Europe peoples, whether in Europe or North America is to boot the Treason Party bastards out.

It remains to be seen whether Trump will remain true to his announced nationalist agenda, but at least he's demonstrated one way it's possible to beat the Treason Party: it is by directing relentless ridicule, derision and contempt at those in power, and by attacking the moral pretensions of the lying media monopolists. Wimpy half measures and compromises will never win the day. The political battle must be enjoined in the awareness that it is a battle against genocide and the destruction of Western Civilization by a vile and ruthless enemy.

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