Thursday, March 30, 2017

Micro-Aggressions and American Self-Induced Micro-Cephaly

While sticks and stones will break my bones,
Words can never hurt me. 

According to James Thompson, writing over at the Unz Review, psychologists are actively pursuing research into the phenomenon of microaggression. This is hardly suprising, although the fact that scholars consider the phenomenon of microaggression worthy of study is proof, if any further proof were needed, of the ongoing collapse of Western civilization and rationality.

Coinciding with this development in academic psychology and not unrelated to it, America has become the world’s bully nation: Americans ruthlessly kill and displace millions abroad for the sake of American global hegemony, engage in virulent hate speech directed at anyone with whom they disagree, while whining pathetically in the face of counter criticism, ridicule or hateful comment.

When professor Thompson says in his piece for Unz, “dropping the whole notion [of microaggressions] seems a good policy,” he does not go far enough. Other people's beliefs, prejudices, and insensitivity are things that have to be borne in a free society. America, of course, is no longer a free society. It is a basket of pathetic, whinging, whining, self-pitying ignoramuses (with exceptions, of course), intent on turning a once great nation into a loony bin, run on Leninist-Stalinist lines where the exercise of free speech leads directly to the gulag.

One difference, though, between the US of Assininity and the Soviet Union is that whereas the Soviets thought schools were primarily to insure that they were well supplied with people expert in hard subjects like math and physics, the US imports a replacement population to do its brain work, while devoting its schools and colleges to the task of turning out adults brainwashed into a state of agitated stupidity.

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