Saturday, December 17, 2016

Democracy, Shamocracy and the Death of the West

Is there a ceiling to the nationalist vote, asks John Derbyshire in another handwringing piece about the ongoing destruction of the European peoples. To which the correct answer is: who cares?

Democracy and the death of the West are synonymous. The European people never wanted mass immigration of Africans, Asians, Muslim middle-easterners, or anyone else. But they've nevertheless had it good and hard, whoever they voted for.

And they opposed it not  because they're racists, xenophobes or Islamophobes, but because they had the peculiar desire to go on living among their own kind according to their own traditions, and to be succeeded by their own posterity.

Europeans have always greeted foreigners with hospitality and respect. What they oppose is inviting said foreigners to stay for ever, taking over their cities, towns and villages, taking their jobs and displacing their posterity, while aggressively imposing their alien culture, language and religion on the remnant indigenous people.

But as the events of the last fifty years have shown, democracy is no defense whatever against destruction of the European nations.

The ongoing genocide of the European people is being driven by a globalist elite by means of reproductive suppression (by way of state-dictated sex “education”, which treats reproduction as the only sexual vice), mass slaughter of the unborn, the export of working class jobs, and mass replacement immigration.

To wait in hope of the people saving themselves through the electoral process is to adopt a position of futility and certain failure.

Neither Britain nor America, nor any other Western nation is, was, or ever will be, a democracy. They are brainwashed dumbocracies. Democracy is a sham. The elite indoctrinate the people to vote for whatever the elite has to offer, and whatever the elite has to offer is backed by both Democrats and Republicans, Tories and Laborites, leftists or rightists.

Hence the US Presidential election just passed was intended, it seems, to have been a showdown between a hugely well-financed Bush and a hugely well-financed Clinton, both committed to the globalist cause.

And we know what the globalist elite wish for the European people. We’ve heard it repeatedly from the Clintons and from their counterparts, the globalists shills in Europe — Blair, Cameron, Merkel, and the rest.

And we've heard it endlessly from the globalist media, the National Review going so far as to call openly for white genocide, heaping contempt upon those to be swept from the page of history in a manner reminiscent of Hitler’s ranting against Jews: “The truth about the residents of these dysfunctional, downscale communities” (i.e., unemployed whites whose jobs have been off-shored to collapsible factories in Bangladesh or Chinese factories with suicide nets), writes Kevin D. Williamson, “is that they deserve to die.”

Thus there will be no change of course without a coup against the existing bipartisan elite. Whether Trump, who appears to have overthrown the elite's chosen puppets,  pursues the nationalist course he promised remains to be seen. But if he does, then we will be able to say that his election represented just such a coup by one elite faction against the formerly incumbent elite faction.

But even if Trump remains true to his proclaimed nationalism, it remains to be seen whether the US has the clout to drive from power the Hell-bent globalist elite in Europe, and whether, as President, Trump will even have the power to drive America's globalist traitors from their positions of power.


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