Friday, December 16, 2016

Brilliant Billionaires, No. 79: Mark Zuckerberg Cracks the Hard Philosophical Problem — What Is Truth?

We all know that young Mark Zuckerberg is a very smart man: a man of vision as well as a business tycoon. But who would have imagined that young Mark would answer what has been recognized throughout the ages as the greatest of all philosophical questions, namely: what is truth?

Yet young Mark has slashed the Gordian knot. He has discovered the test. He has found the touchstone of ultimate Truth, and it is to be put to immediate use, purifying the thoughts of mankind and advancing humanity in one giant leap to a state of perfect enlightenment. Henceforth, young Mark's fakebook will transmit nothing but the purest truth.

How is this epistemological revolution to be achieved? The answer, in a word, Snopes! Plus, for greater certainty, ABC (Always Broadcasting Crap) News, and an assist from George Soros.


Breitbart: Facebook to Label ‘Fake News’ with Help of Partisan ‘Fact Checkers’

Breitbart: Facebook Fact-Checker PolitiFact Funded by Clinton Foundation Donor

Breitbart: ACLU Backs Zuckerberg Censorship of New Media on Facebook

Weekly Standard: Fact Checking the 'Fact Checkers'

Weekly Standard: Lies, Damned Lies, and ‘Fact Checking’

The Hill: 
Who will check Facebook's 'fact checkers?'

Bloomberg: Facebook Measurement Mistakes Test Advertisers' Ardor

RT: Zuckerberg's News Nanny: Fake News Outlets to Help fakebook Tag Fake News

Washingtons Blog: US Gov’t, Oligarchs Behind Planned Fake News Flagging on Facebook

Zero Hedge: PropOrNot All-Star Organizers: Koch, Soros, CIA, MI6, Ukraine, All Together Now


CanSpeccy: Brilliant Billionaires, No 49: Mark Zuckerberg:"Crazy brain research" will let users [sic] send thoughts telepathically — That'll Be Great For Those Who Can't Speak, Read or Write

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