Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Misrepresenting the Danger of Mass Migration

The other day, the Daily Mail ran a story under the following headline:

How many MORE atrocities before our leaders stop lying to us and admit that, thanks to their immigration policies, being mowed down while doing your Christmas shopping is simply the new normal?

The risk of being mown down while doing your Christmas shopping is, actually, not high. In fact, it is infinitesimally small.

The real danger to the European people of the immigration policies pursued by the Western elites is that unless those policies are ended now, the European peoples will cease to exist as a distinct racial and cultural group within a generation. Current Western immigration policies are, in other words, a program for the genocide of the European people.

With the rise of Obamoid totalitarian liberalism and its determination to brainwash everyone, educational standards in the West have sharply declined, which means that few people are able to understand the math on immigration.

But with fertility rates in Western nations having fallen to between less than half and two-thirds of the replacement rate, mass immigration means replacing the European people with people from elsewhere. That is the big issue. That some of those immigrants engage in terrorism against entirely innocent native citizens is, in comparison, except for the tiny number of victims, a very small matter indeed.

Thus there are two aspects to the challenge of ensuring survival of European people. One is to stem the flood of opportunistic immigration from the rest of the World. The other, which is just as important, is to restore the fertility of the native population.

In Canada, population replacement by mass immigration is proceeding briskly. Immigration, at a rate of 300,000 per year, is not far behind the number of births (of all races and ethnicities), which totals under 400,000, the national fertility rate having fallen below 1.6 (replacement rate = 2.1). The Canadian fertility rate fell below the replacement rate immediately following the introduction of pro-abortion, easy divorce policies of the government of Pierre Trudeau, father of Canada's current Prime Minister.

Canadians, in other words, are progressively replacing themselves with people from elsewhere. The immigrants are, for the most part, fine people no doubt. But the point is, the Government of Canada has made its people into disposable units of economic production, to be replaced in an ongoing process of mass immigration.

Stemming the flood of immigration, is essential if the people of Europe and the European majority in North America are to survive as cultural and racial entities.

First, because halting the immigrant flood will raise wages, thereby reducing the pressure on married women to make wage-earning a priority over child rearing.

The significance of the effect of immigration on incomes is not generally understood, yet it is the chief determinant of the standard of living for ordinary people. Remove all restraint on immigration and there will be not one job in ten held by a citizen of the UK that will not be lost to a better qualified immigrant, says Cambridge University economics professor, Ha-Joon Chang; Chang being himself an example of a talented immigrant who has taken the place of a native European in a pretty decent job.

UK House prices tripled during the Blair-Cameron era of
accelerated immigration (1997–2016).
UK Wages increased by 25% during the Blair-Cameron
era of accelerated immigration (1997–2016).
Second, in addition to lowering wages, large scale immigration massively raises the cost of living and thus negatively impacts the fertility of ordinary people.This it does in two ways.

One is by creating competition for a limited housing stock, thus making accommodation hugely more expensive than it would otherwise be. In the UK, for example, house prices have tripled over the course of the Blair-Cameron era of accelerated immigration (1997—Present), whereas wages have increased by a mere 25%. Tony Blair and his family, however, have profited very well from investments in real estate.

The other way that mass immigration negatively impacts the fertility of the native population is through the  demand it creates for public services, thereby driving up taxes.

Immigrants are mainly young adults in their prime child raising years. Immigrants thus create demand for maternity hospital beds, schools, and universities, plus every other kind of service, water, sewage, power, transportation, and recreation. Such services require new costly investment paid for chiefly by taxes on the native population.

Donald Trump has been elected President of the United States based on his commitment to put the interests of the American people first. It will be on the success of his presidency that the survival of Europeans both in North America and Europe will likely depend.


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    1. Yes, well there are, I can believe, some embittered Jews, some crazed Jews and some self-serving Jews who for one reason or another would like to see the destruction of the European people. But they are a very small minority of Jews.

      The real threat to the European people comes from their own leaders, the Blairs, and Camerons, the Hollandes and Merkels, the Bush's and the Clintons who actively work for the racial and cultural genocide of the European people through the suppression of reproduction combined with mass replacement immigration.

      And here's one Jew for Christmas.

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    1. Well that provides a broader perspective, certainly.

      For an even broader view see:

      Christopher Lasch: The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy