Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why Trump Will Lose In a Landslide

There are more Americans, around 110 million of them, receiving means-tested Federal welfare benefits that are in full-time employment (about 105 million). For the welfare recipients, Donald Trump might free-up a few jobs that would otherwise have gone to illegal immigrants, but frankly, "Right to Work" has no great appeal to the majority of those habituated to free government money.

Of the 105 million in full-time work, more than one fifth, almost 22 million, work for government, Federal, state or local. They know Trump isn't for more bureaucracy or higher government wages, so none of them will vote for the Republican.

Among women, the intelligent half are nearly all feminists intent on taking a man's job in preference to staying home and reproducing the race. Of the unintelligent half, a large percentage are content to be permanently up the stick and thus eligible for welfare as they labor to reduce the  average intelligence of the population. Thus virtually all women know that Trump is not for them, which is why none of them will vote for him.

Among Republican cucks, the Bush's, the Mccain's and the Ryan's, most have already declared for Hillary, knowing that the truth of 9/11, the destruction of the United States as a sovereign, democratic, nation state, and the drive to global governance are all in safe hands with the Clintons. Already the Cucks' feigned support for Trump has turned to open hatred. From now on they will campaign openly for Hillary.

On the day, therefore, apart from a few African-American, Hispanic, and Christian conservatives, plus a bunch of struggling small-business owners, Americans will vote en masse for Hillary and the continuation of the bipartisan agenda of wars for global empire, open borders, industrial evisceration, and the eclipse of America's European majority.


Laura Ingraham: Why Globalists Should Want Trump to Win

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