Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Platform Trump Should Have Adopted: Screw Making America Great Again, The Existing Racket Will See Our Time Out

Screw making America great again.

If Trump had simply told Americans what they want to hear, he'd be on his way to a landslide victory.

Here's what he should have said.

To black, Hispanic, and poor white American citizens: Forget jobs. There are millions of Mexicans, Africans, Asians, and terrorist desperate to get to America to take your job —if you have one, that is.

Well we'll just let 'em come!

Why work when someone else is dying, quite literally in many cases, to do the job for you?

How are you going to live? No prob. We'll print the money. Print a trillion here, a trillion there. That's nothing. We do it all the time. An extra trillion a year in paper money will keep you and 100 million others in porn, pot and StarBucks coffee, easy.

The inverse relation between female education and fertility.
But not to worry, so the Atlantic assures. After all, negative
selection for intelligence is how the tape-worm evolved.
As for the women's vote, hey, if you bright educated girls are so keen to take a man's job rather than perpetuate the race, go at it, we'll just tax you like Hillary plans to and pay your current live-in boyfriend to stay home and cook dinner.

For the rest of you girls: just stay as you are now; pregnant, on welfare, and laboring to ensure a decline in the mean national IQ.

To big business: offshore, offshore, and offshore.

To small business: cheap immigrant labor, cheap immigrant labor, and cheap immigrant labor — legal and illegal.

To the military industrial complex: war, war, and war.

Small wars, obviously, where we bomb the shit out of Muslims and the like, with no risk whatever either to the lives or the reputations of the brass.

To the Christians: No greater love hath any man than he lay down his country, his moral tradition, and the life of his family, for the love of the United Nations, one world government, and the Money Power.

Oh, but wait a sec., that's Hillary's platform.

Still, it would have been a cinch for Trump to outsell Hillary if it had been simply a matter of offering folks what they seem, in their brainwashed state of delusion, to want.

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