Friday, September 2, 2016

Senile George Soros Reveals the Contempt of a Globalist Billionaire for American Democracy

My bet is that George Soros is a front for the CIA or other such agency, doing things in his own name that his paymasters would be embarrassed to be caught doing for themselves.

The widely held assumption that George Soros is spending billions of his own money pushing the New World Order or any other political program seems totally out of character, and therefore improbably in the extreme.

Although clearly at an advanced stage of senility, Soros may be correctly informed in stating that an electoral college majority in the US Presidential election will be bought for Hillary despite a landslide for Trump in the popular vote.

The vid is worth watching, really, just to see how complacently a globalist billionaire talks of subverting America's democracy. In fact, Trump's people would do well to promote this video.

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