Saturday, August 13, 2016

ABC Live Poll: Donald Trump 68%, Hillary Clinton 6%

ABC's online poll, with over 86,000 votes recorded shows Hillary nowhere, Trump leading with two thirds of the votes cast. However the poll is now reported to be a hoax. Still the alleged poll results are consistent with the attendance at Clinton and Trump rallies, see  photos published on LiveLeak and below.

And here's an amazingly simple means of running an honest election as outlined on the LiveLeak page linked above:

It is easer to create an un-riggable election system than the patchwork of rigged systems we are using now.

A Smartphone, printer and a dozen lines of open source code could do it.

Every vote cast gets a printed paper receipt with what was voted, the time, the location, and a serial number.

On the internet, each serial numbered vote is displayed for all to see. With what was voted, the time, the location, and the serial number

Name of voter will not be recorded, but the paper receipt will be taken from the voting location by the voter and shal not be allowed to remaine at the place of voting.

Election fraud is rampant in America. But there are some who would say that it is not. To those I ask; So, you're not opposed to a verifiable vote? Because according to you, there would be no diference in the result of the election either with or without a verifiable vote?

Or the election could be decided by attendance at 
rallies, a fully transparent metric. 

Well brilliant except how do you know that the votes have been tallied correctly.

It seems to me that the only way to have a fair vote is to use paper ballots and a hand count under the observation of representatives of all candidates. This is still done as it has always been done in Canada, but apparently it's not possible for Americans.*

Why not?

Presumably because that way the vote cannot be fixed, which would be too bad in a country owned by a tiny elite who intend keep a very close grip on what they own.

* I suppose if the digital ballots were supplied to the organization of each candidate, each to tally the results, then fraud might be avoided. But this would require every candidate to be affiliated with an organization with considerable expertise in digital technology, a condition that some independents might be unable to meet. So until a digital technology has been developed and agreed workable by all and sundry, the use of hand-counted paper ballots seem the only sound way to run an election.


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