Friday, June 3, 2016

The Tolerance of Liberals: The Death of the West

Liberals pride themselves on their tolerance.

They are tolerant of adultery.

They are tolerant of partial birth abortion.

They are tolerant not only of homosexuality, but of the compulsory promotion of homosexuality among children.

likewise, they are more than tolerant of the teaching of fellatio to kindergarteners (on the assumption, presumably, that humans are just a less hairy variant of the bonobo ape).

And they are enthusiastically tolerant of the flooding of Europe by Muslims and other Third Worlders already the majority in many major Western cities.

In fact, as any liberal will proudly tell you, the only thing that a liberal cannot tolerate is intolerance.

In keeping with their tolerance of adultery, liberals regard adherents of the Mosaic law, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim, as religious bigots, and liberals really hate bigots.

Consistent with their insistence on "a woman's right to choose," liberals call opponents of abortion, whether during the first trimester or when virtually indistinguishable from infanticide, oppressors of women, sexists, male chauvinist pigs, or religious maniacs, and liberals really hate all of the above.

Liberals call those who maintain the Judeo/Christian tradition of marriage as a union of one man and one woman, homophobes, or in the case of Muslim polygamists, Islamophobes, and liberals really hate both.

Have European men no balls? Apparently not, since they take
endless crap from Treason Party scum such as Blair, Cameron,
Merkel, Hollande, Sarkozy.  And in Amerika, they even love
liberals call those who oppose the genocidal flood of immigrants to the European world racists, far-right wing extremists, white supremacists or Nazis, and liberals really, really love to hate all of the above.

Liberals call those who oppose the Islamification of Europe with its Muslim no-go areas and Shariah courts, religious bigots and they really hate religious bigots.

Liberals, in other words, are vigorous haters absolutely intolerant of any proscriptive moral code, or any national culture, whether religious, legal or political.

Liberalism is the ultimate fifth column ideology for the destruction of the Western nations, their people and culture. Liberalism, the morality of a stuffed corpse, paves the way to the utter defeat and destruction of the West.


EU Group Pushing for Forced Indoctrination of the "Intolerant"


  1. Judeo/Christian tradition?
    When I was a young man we used to be Christians. I wonder who's pushing this Judeo\Christian meme?