Monday, June 6, 2016

Donald Trump: Iraq War, Trade, Immigration, and Foreign Relations

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump will be a great US President must value hope far above experience. The only realistic question is whether Donald Trump as president would do less harm than whoever might be the alternative — any good he might do, being considered, surely, as a bonus. To judge that question, one has to judge not only the merits of Trump's policy proposals but whether there's any truth in anything he promises.

The American Empire
Donald Trump has repeatedly and falsely stated that he was opposed the Iraq war before it began.

Colin Powell brandishing soap powder at the UN as proof of
Saddam's WMDs.
Later, he changed his tune, but it's easy to be right after the event.

And in the case of the Iraq war, it wasn't hard to be right even before the event.

The Case for war was a transparent fabrication: the bollocks about Iraqi drones of death attacking US cities was, well, typical Fox News war-pushing bollocks, just like the aluminum tubes flaunted by lying New York Times reporter Judy Miller, Colin Powell's vial of biological weapons agent, aka soap powder, at the UN General Assembly, and Phony Blair's "sexed up" dossier on Saddam's nukes, cut and pasted off the Internet. But none speaking from a position of authority but Dr. David Kelly, UN WMD inspector, dared call such treason treason and he appears to have been suicided for his trouble.

Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11, Saddam had no WMD, and Saddam had no time for terrorist organizations. That was obvious to anyone with a brain, but Donald J. Trump didn't see it or didn't wish to say it before the war started, when to say it might have mattered.

The implication is clear. Trump has no problem with wars of imperialistic aggression. He just thinks that Iraq was botched. It would be foolish, therefore, to suppose that, as president, Trump, who boasts of being the most "militaristic person," would hesitate to use the American military if he thought it would serve America's hegemonic aims.

Trump says he will bring off-shored jobs home. Well, he'll have to. In fact any president will have to, unless they are prepared to see the US economy implode and the mass of Americans reduced to abject poverty and perhaps open revolt (Which is why Homeland Security has six hollow point bullets for every citizen). We're in an election year and the economy is dead stalled. Growth is zero, job creation is zero, and the number of those of working age who are out of the work force exploded last month by six hundred and sixty-four thousand, closing rapidly on one hundred million. Meantime, the unemployment rate fell. LOL. Statistics show whatever we want them to show, neither more nor less, as Humpty Dumpty would have said.

Trump is against inviting the Mexicans to walk in and retake Texas, California, etc. That seems a reasonable position and it's difficult to see any political leader standing indefinitely in total opposition to the mass of the population, whether in the US or Europe on the question of the very existence of the nation state.

Foreign Relations
All nations are headed by psychopaths, or politicians who have learned that success is possible only by emulating a psychopath. Trump, therefore, will be no less quick than Clinton or some other Obama clone to shaft Putin if he thought it would promote the interests of the Empire. Thing is though, American policy has driven Russia into the arms of China, which as Trump has pointed out, is a very stupid thing to do. As senile old Leonid Brezhnev said, it would be in the best interests of the white race for America and Russia to work together not against one another. Trump apparently agrees, whereas the entire Obama/Bush/Clinton/Cameron/Hollande/Merkel treason alliance, seem committed to the death of Western civilization and the European people.

You may not trust Trump in the least, but why would you vote for a cuck openly committed to the destruction of your people and civilization when you could vote for someone who claims with both realism and a semblance of credibility to be on your side? This, if I understand him, is exactly the conclusion reached by Dilbert creator, Scot Adams.


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