Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cynthia McKinney for Trump's VP

Brexit, writes Israel Shamir at

gave hope to the Americans. If the Brits could defeat powerful coalition of party establishment, media, mercenary intellectuals, bankers, so can the Americans. Now we have learned that Trump can win. Instead of having a new world war, people can have peace. Instead of giving all their money to banks and the Pentagon, the bounty can be shared by the people who produce the wealth of the nation.

The main argument contra Trump that still rules in the social networks is a PC argument. He is a white man and therefore a racist, he is against Muslims, he never goes to gay discos, he does not belong to the approved minorities.

This argument has been brilliantly smashed by my favourite American politician, by brave and beautiful Cynthia McKinney, the ex-congresswoman from Georgia and an ex-candidate of the Green Party for the US Presidency. She was one of the very few who stood against the almighty Israel Lobby, she sailed on the Freedom boat to the besieged Gaza, she was against wars in Iraq and Libya, and she paid the price: she was voted out by the obedient Lobby yes-men. Now she wrote: “WooHoo!!! The people WIN!!! Cameron Resigns!!! Let’s do it in the U.S.A. y’all!”

Immediately she was challenged by PC police:

Emerson Leandro How can you be happy about this racist vote?!? this may see the rise of fascism in Europe. The leavers were on the whole xenophobic racists. Hate to tell you, but I live here and it’s been horrible and scary.

And valiant Cynthia aptly replied:

Cynthia McKinney, PhD Honey, there’s very little you can tell me about racism that I haven’t experienced personally or within my family. You can start with my last name.

By gad, if I were Trump, I’d take Cynthia for my VP, and win with her all the way to the White House and glory. Cynthia defeats the lies of professional antiracists. She is black, but she is the whitest of Congress people. She is a woman, but she can teach men to brave the dangers.

The whole scheme of identity shell-game, of minorities-against-majority built by the Masters of Discourse, can and should be undermined. We all can be together against the financiers and their bought-and-paid-for intellectuals.

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