Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Elite Treason: The National Institutions of the West Are Now Fiercely Protective of Muslims and Hostile to the Native Ancestral Populations

By John Derbyshire
Unz Review, November 21, 2015: The Paris attacks: What’s an appropriate course of action for the French government? Well, they could send their army into Syria and Iraq and defeat ISIS in battle. But even supposing they succeeded, this infestation, the Muslim terrorists, is all over: In Yemen, in Egypt, in North Africa, in Sudan, Somalia, Mali and Nigeria …and, of course, in France and Britain and Germany, in Sweden and Denmark and Russia and America.
So perhaps the appropriate course of action is mass expulsion of Muslims from our countries and really firm control of borders and visas.
None of that is going to happen, though. You see how far away from it we are. Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, and Justin Trudeau want us to bring in moreMuslims. David Cameron and François Hollande may not want precisely that, but their weak brains are so addled with globalist propaganda they will do nothing to curtail Muslim immigration.
We must face the fact: the national institutions of the West are now fiercely protective of Muslims and hostile to the native ancestral populations.
Random news story from Britain: Two Muslim brothers from Pakistan ran a welfare scam that got them half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money. Brought to trial, they were found guilty. However, the British judge let them off with suspended sentences. Why? Out of concern for their children, who number …eleven. [Two brothers who swapped houses to con taxpayer out of £315,000 walk FREE after judge claims ‘greatest punishment was loss of their good names’, By Mark Duell, Daily Mail, February 11, 2013
Another random story from Britain: 

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