Sunday, November 22, 2015

Does Pro-Nazi Justin Trudeau Stand for Canada?

Justin Trudeau is a good looking fella with a pleasant personality and virtually no qualifications to be Prime Minister of Canada except that of being the son of his father, the late Pierre Trudeau, a three-time prime minister of Canada, distinguished by three things: massive budget deficits, non-enforcement of legal restrictions on abortion, and introduction of no-fault devorce; the last two measures being the prime cause of Canada's present-day, far-below-replacement fertility rate.

In addition, Pierre Trudeau was known in his youth at the time of the Second World War as a pro-fascist, anti-Semite who rode around the Québec countryside on a motor cycle wearing a helmet emblazoned with a swastika.

Which raises the question: is such parentage, alone, evidence of the potential to be a good prime minister? To which the answer is that, so far, we're seeing nothing in the performance of Justin Trudeau to justify optimism.


(1) On Friday (November 20, 2015) Canada joined the United States, Palau (WhoTF are they*), and the Ukraine, in voting against a UN General Assembly resolution on "Measures against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that facilitate the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance related to them."

(2) At this year's G20 Meeting Trudeau warned Putin:
that Russia’s interference in Ukraine must cease, that we stand with the Ukrainian people, and expect the president to engage fully in the Minsk peace process ...

Trudeau Warns Putin. Source
In this Trudeau emulates Stephen Harper's performance as the Mighty Mouse of the North. But was not Putin a principle architect of the Minsk Agreement, and is it not Ukraine that continues the shelling of civilian targets in contravention of that agreement?

(3) Trudeau's Defense Minister Sajjan declares war on Syria (and by implication Russia) by insisting Assad, the head of the legitimate, elected, UN-recognized government of Syria, must go.

Trudeau, it seems, is shaping up to be at least as much of a toady to the US/Israeli NeoCons as Stephen Harper and even worse than his father as PM. At least Pierre Trudeau kept Canada out of the Vietnam war. The way he's going, young, inexperienced and fairly dim-witted Justin seems bent on sending Canadian troops to fight in perhaps the stupidest war of the last 100 years, a war to replace the elected government of Syria with a band of CIA-backed terrorists.

But Justin Trudeau's Government Has One Thing Right

Canada is a large country, vast in fact, and larger than every country in the World other than Russia, but sparsely populated. The icy wastes of the North are uninhabited and virtually uninhabitable except by transient miners expensively maintained with airlifted supplies from the South, and barely 50,000 hardy Inuit. Yet along the almost 9000 kilometer-long Southern border, a fertile region with a cool but temperate climate, Canada has a mere 35 million souls. Hence Canada's perpetual call for immigrants, needed to secure the territory, a need exacerbated by anti-family institutions, laws and cultural practices that have driven Canada's birthrate to barely two-thirds of the replacement rate.

Syrian refugees or the Muslim answer to the Crusades? Source
Canada, like all other European majority states, is replacing itself with people from elsewhere: everyone welcome, including Syrian refugees. But Canada's Syrian refugee immigration program differs from that of every other country it seems in excluding those strong, young, single men who, having chosen not to fight for their country, and who constitute what most believe to be a serious threat to the security of those countries where their arrival has the appearance of an Islamic answer to the Crusades.

Canada's policy is to accept from Syria only women, children and families. It is not clear whether preference will given, as it should, to Christians and others of Syria's persecuted non-Islamic minorities, and to those with qualifications for employment in Canada. But whatever the selection criteria, whether these people will settle comfortably into Canadian society where religion is tolerated only insofar as it is devoid of social or political implications conflicting with the precepts of a secular society remains to be seen. But at least Canada's novel immigrant selection process eliminates the immediate risk of violence from single male "refugee"  Jihadis such as was as recently witnessed in Paris.
* Palau, for those unfamiliar with Canada's pro-Nazi friend, is a dot in the Pacific Ocean one-sixth the size of Greater Vancouver. It has a population of less than 22 thousand people and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US State Department and for some bizarre reason has a UN vote, which it casts as the US State Department dictates, just like Canada.

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  1. Odd as it might sound, I think it was actually a good thing to not ban pro- or neo-Nazi speech. It's better to debate ideas in the open, for one, and on top of it I'm not a big fan of censorship for the most part. I think that, although neo-Nazism is certainly something to keep an eye on and try to combat, censoring it could drive it underground (harder to monitor) and could set a precedent of censoring ANY idea deemed "hateful" (which is this day and age is nearly ANY idea not conforming to the far left).

    1. Without some research, it is not clear what the UN motion was really about, but it was not necessarily about the restriction of free speech. The motion referred in particular to "Measures against the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that facilitate the escalation of modern forms of racism, racial discrimination." "Measures could include the restriction of speech, but might refer to something else. On the whole, it seems a good idea to take "measures" to limit "the escalation of modern forms of racism, etc." But in any case, the resolution was clearly directed against the racism of the Nazi-backed, and illegitimate Ukrainian regime installed through a US instigated coup d'état. And remember that at the time Julia Tymoshenko a Poroshenkite MP and former Ukrainian Prime Minister was advocating the genocide of 8 million Russians in Eastern Ukraine by means of nuclear weapons.