Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why I Have Only Contempt For the Late George Carlin

Carlin's humor seems to have consisted largely in saying "fuck," "shit," and "dick" over and over, while emulating masturbation, and anal penetration, and telling his mainly American audiences how "so fucking dumb" ordinary Americans really are. This is not, for me, the highest form of wit.

In addition, Carlin was for the Couverdon-Kalergi plan for the elimination of the European people as a distinct race of mankind. True, both Carlin and Coverdon-Kalergi did not discriminate agaist white people. Apparently, they wished to destroy all the races of mankind, this to be achieved through mass migration and enforced multiculturalism. Thus, in the"Best of George Carlin" video that I linked to above, there is one frame showing a list of the supposed human races: white, black, brown, yellow, all of which have been struck out and a check marked placed by the words "human race." This is standard globalist propaganda for racial homogenization, based on two fundamental misconceptions or rather deliberate misrepresentations. First,the implication that racial differences are merely a matter skin color, whereas in reality,  skin color is not an essential, or even a greatly important, aspect of human racial differentiation. There are albino Africans, who are nevertheless Africans not Europeans. And there are many people of approximately the same shade of brown who belong to very different racial groups including Dravidians, Amerindians, Australian aboriginals, and deeply suntanned Europeans. Race is determined by differences in many genes and its biological significance has been barely probed. Second, race is not a correct alternative term for species. Mankind is a species not a race, whereas the races of mankind are genetically distinct variants of the human species, which have been created over thousands of years of more or less isolated development through processes of selection, genetic drift and random mutation. The existing vast range of variation in human form, physiology and physiognomy will be irreversibly destroyed within a couple of generations of universal multiracial breeding.

The extinction of my own people as a distinct race and the extraordinary civilization that its sons — people such as Shakespeare, Newton, Francis Bacon, Adam Smith, David Hume, Darwin, James Clerk Maxwell — created, is something to which I am totally opposed. Moreover, I wish other folks — the Chinese, the tribes of Africa, the Jews, the Arabs and many, many others — a long, prosperous, and unique future too.

Inevitably, in the modern, highly connected world, the races of mankind will tend to mix and merge. Insofar as such mixing is the result of individuals acting of their own free will in accordance with law (immigration law, for example), I don't oppose it, and further, I have no hesitation in acknowledging that the progeny of mixed matings may be among the finest people around. The former British settler states, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have all, apparently, without great public opposition, adopted the path of multiracial immigration and a pseudo multiculturalism that, in fact, requires all-comers to adopt a politically correct liberal ideology, which accommodates religion only in a depleted and essentially meaningless form. Moreover, in the settler states, there is not only a process of mixing racial groups, but of replacing, albeit over several generations, the existing dominant, European groups with people from elsewhere. The process of replacement is inevitable so long as the fertility of the European populations remains below the replacement rate. In fact, replacement by people from elsewhere is the fate not only of the Europeans, but of all immigrant groups to the settler states and to Europe, since fertility of the native-born is aggressively reduced by programs of indoctrination in school (i.e., the encouragement of masturbation, oral sex, homosexual experimentation, instruction in the use of condoms, etc., all in the name of sex "education"), mass slaughter of the unborn, and girls' education which encourages women, particularly intelligent women, to place careers ahead of motherhood.

If to be succeeded by people from elsewhere is indeed what most Americans, Canadians, etc. want, it's fine with me. But, as all opinion surveys indicate, to be deprived of their own posterity in not what the great majority of Europeans want. But that it is what Europeans are getting. Europeans of Christian tradition have a fertility rate far below the replacement rate and are being displaced by Africans and Asians, the majority of whom are of Islamic or other non-Christian tradition, in a process driven by traitorous leaders subservient to the US empire.

The death of the European peoples as distinct cultural and racial entities may be at hand, but at least let those of us who oppose this genocide not applaud George Carlin, the dead scumbag advocate for the destruction of human cultural and biological diversity.


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