Monday, September 21, 2015

Western Nations Are Committing Suicide to Save Their Economic Lives

A generation of "sex education" has cut the birthrate of the Western nations to well below the replacement rate, and to barely half the replacement rate in Greece, Portugal, and Germany. What's more, the fertility of the indigenous peoples of Europe and the native-born of North America is significantly lower than the overall national rates, which are inflated due to the high fertility or recent immigrants.

But if populations contract, huge chunks of economic activity cease. No need for new schools, hospitals, and universities when you cannot fill the ones you already have. No need for new highways and transportation systems when the existing infrastructure is underused. And the largest impact of all, no need for home construction, which can account for 10% of GDP during a housing boom if the population is shrinking.

Soon be half way there! And Hispanics are counted as white.
Source: White genocide: Racist conspiracy theory or inconvenient truth?
What to do then ? Open the gates, obviously, to those parts of the Third World where populations are exploding, chiefly sub-Saharan Africa and the Muslim World. At least that's what the wise and noble leaders of the West, Obama, Merkel, Hollande, Cameron, etc., have decided. So, say goodbye nations of Europe and goodbye European America, Canada, and Australia. Instead welcome the Islamic, Africanized West.

Alternatively, Europeans could get back in the business of self-replication:

 With a hey, and a ho, and a hey-nonny-no,
These pretty country folks would lie
In springtime, the only pretty ring time,
When birds do sing, Hey ding a ding, ding.

Or more teenage pregnancies, as used to be a mainstay of Western propagation: when lads knew nothing of condoms and a girl submitted, as submit she must, to an irresistible impulse because he really was a sharp lad. The result, one more sharp nipper to carry on the race. That was before Planned Parenthood Cannibalism, and before the state in Europe engaged in the mass slaughter of the unborn or self-genocide.


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