Saturday, September 19, 2015

Europe's Useless Fuckers

In response to a post by Aangirfan about Fabians, I commented:
Speaking of Fabians, H.G. Welles and George Bernard Shaw were both Fabians in good standing, and supported the Nazi project for the extermination of useless feeders.

The present day Fabians share that enthusiasm, but they prefer mass immigration, sex education and mass slaughter of the unborn as the method of destroying the useless consuming masses of the European nations.
This prompted a violent reaction from an anonymous troll:
A load of BS. So sex education is bad according to u? Now u have just proved urself indeed a useless eater.
Which seems to confirm that there are still Fabians, and others, intent not only on exterminating those they consider "useless eaters," but who favor the total destruction of the European peoples by mass immigration and multiculturalism, a view that prompts this post.

In speaking of those promoting the genocide of the European nations and the methods they employ, I should perhaps, have put the term sex education in quotes, as by that term I was referring to the mandated promotion of all forms of non-reproductive sex from Kindergarten  and up, in the name of education. As a result of such instruction, Europeans still fuck, presumably, but to little effect: they have been made reproductively dysfunctional. Their fertility is way below the replacement rate. That's why mass immigration combined with such "education," amounts to genocide.

In any other species, frogs, for example, spotted owls, or the Freckled Cypripedium, reproductive dysfunction is generally a matter for widespread concern, but when the result is a reduction in European fertility to barely half the replacement rate, which means population collapse, no one gives a damn, apparently. At the same time, Western instigated political instability, civil war and military invasions in the Third World, where populations are exploding, drives the flow of migrants and the program for European genocide by mass immigration and multiculturalism. The result? Europeans are simply being replaced by people from elsewhere.

It is probable that the multiculturalism is even more lethal to the European peoples than the flood of immigrants. As Europeans perpetuate their anti-Christian death cult (with the full support of the Pope, it seems) Muslims, Animists and practitioners of Voodoo are to maintain their traditional culture, including their polygamous habits and birth rates far in excess of the replacement rate.

The English are already a minority in London, Western Europe's largest city. Three other major British cities, Leicester, Luton and Slough, have ethnic majorities, and in Birmingham, England's second city, the English elementary school children are not even the largest minority.

But stupid people, anonymous trolls, Fabians and liberal bastards insist that opposing the genocide of your own people by mass immigration and multiculturalism is racism, as they seek to force their genocidal program down people's throats by means of propaganda in the guise of "sex education," anti-racism, and the enforcement of tolerance of the alien settlement of one's own land and destruction of one's own civilization. Liberalism now equatews to a virulently anti-white racism intent on genocide.

European civilization abroad is equally threatened: Americans, Canadians, and Australians of European extraction are happy, so the powers that be would have one believe, to die in the knowledge that they will be largely replaced, not by their own posterity, but by people from elsewhere with an alien culture and probably a contempt for Christianity and Western civilization. The same plight faces most other ethnicities making up the populations of the settler nations. They are disposable people, imported to serve the needs of the commercial and industrial system, to be replaced within a generation or two, by new immigrants.

Happily, the indigenous people of Canada, the Innu and other First Nations (Indians), are the most fertile ethnicities in the country and thus have a future in their own homeland yet. Good luck to them, and the indigenous peoples of Australia and the United States.


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