Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trump Has Already Won the Argument: Time Now to Begin Quelling the NeoCon-Driven Global Chaos

Anything can happen between now and November 8, 2016, but already opinion polls show that Trump has won the argument. The United States and the West are on the wrong path: stagnating economically, disintegrating socially, declining educationally, inciting civil war throughout the Middle-East and global war between East and West, rife with interracial and cultural conflicts, and morally decadent.

Once the truth has been spoken as Trump has spoken it, the NeoCon plan for global hegemony of the Money Power over the shattered remnants of proud nations and ancient cultures loses all credibility. It is now inconceivable that anyone rejecting the Trump doctrine on foreign policy, the Trump national economic policy, and the Trump commitment to a a nation of laws, and in particular laws governing national borders, can possible win in 2016.

What that means is that members of Congress, if they have the slightest instinct for self-preservation, will begin discreetly abandoning their former commitments to political correctness, multi-culturalism, unrestricted offshoring of jobs, uncontrolled immigration, and unending wars for plutocratic global hegemony. The process of quelling the chaos unleashed upon the people not only of the United States but of most of the World by NeoCon lunatics is about to begin.

What we see now, as Trump moves into a commanding lead in the polls not only over his Republican rivals, but over every declared or probable Democratic candidate, is a transformation in Trump`s demeanor: the entertainer is now subordinate to the business executive, in which capacity the public sees an individual of great force of personality, clarity of purpose and capacity for action. The transformation has given Trump a virtual lock not only on the Republican Party nomination but the Presidency. With the authority that that status confers, Trump is surely even now beginning to marshal the forces and set up the deals that will shape his presidency. There are some in Congress already proceeding on the same lines.


The American Mirror: Trump receives 25% of black vote in general election matchup
Mitt Romney was able to only muster 6% of the black vote, according to the Roper Center at the University of Connecticut.

At the time Obama was facing off against John McCain, the Republican received a measly 4%, according stats from to the Roper Center.

When George W. Bush was running for re-election in 2004, he only did a little better. The organization reports Bush received 11% of the black vote. He received 9% in 2000.

According to the SurveyUSA poll, Trump would more than double the best result for a Republican in modern American history.
Breitbart: Donald Trump has a clear path to the White House, according to a shocking new poll from SurveyUSA

IW: Trump Gets 28% of Alabama Dems

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