Thursday, August 27, 2015

Understanding Hillary: No Need for Dr. Freud

Dr. Alma Bond, the Daily Mail reports, who is a psychoanalyst and author who holds a PhD from Columbia University and did post doctorate studies from the Freudian Society, has studied Hillary Clinton from afar for many years. The Democratic presidential candidate, she says:
has difficulty with men and she needs a woman friend on her same political level that she can share strategy or top secret events of the day.
Hillary, says Dr. Bond, has an 
inability to express her feelings and it all began back in her in childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois, a neighborhood devoid of Jews, blacks or Asians.
Her father Hugh Rodham, the Mail story continues was:
curtain salesman who died of a stroke in 1993 at age 82, was a combative, working-class man from eastern Pennsylvania who was riddled with prejudices against anyone who wasn't like him. He raged about minorities in derogatory terms when he was not subjecting his family to his own violent emotions...

He was disappointed in life and lied about winning a college football scholarship to Penn State.

'He was a 'bullsh*** artist', a family member once said, but that skill made him a good salesman when hawking the drapes and lace curtains that he manufactured for hotels and offices.

Hugh was a bruiser at home and excessively spanked the couple's three children. He verbally abused Hillary's mother, Dorothy, and Bond describes their relationship as 'sadomasochist'.
Quite how that all equates to Hillary having a need for a woman friend on her same political level, probably only a Freudian shrink would understand. But isn't it more likely that Hillary's character was shaped chiefly by genes rather than childhood trauma, or as one might say, like father, like daughter. Papa Rodham was a bullshitting, liar and sadistic bully, Hillary, I-came-I-saw-he-died-with-a-bayonet-up-his-arse-LOL Rodham Clinton was formed in the same genetic mold.

Which brings to mind the case of another powerful female, Margaret Thatcher, close friend of Jimmy Savile, the serial rapist and alleged child killer, and daughter of Alfred Thatcher, grocer, alderman, devout Methodists and a notorious paedophile who treated his wife like a doormat and groped his adolescent female shop assistants.

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