Thursday, August 27, 2015

JEB Explains How Genocide by Mass Immigration and PC Brainwashing Works

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Which raises some questions:

Is JEB really, really thick, giving the game away like that?

Or is it just that he`s so enthusiastic about the genocide of the American people – you know, those poor anti-family, infertile home-grown Americans – that he just cannot keep it to himself?

Or is he some kind of secret agent, warning the West what's intended for their future: i.e., total wipe out?

Or could it be that he assumes the American people are so stupified by PC programming through K-to-Middle-aged so-called education that they are now ready to cheer their own extinction?

Yeah, that has to be it. Americans are now so thoroughly indoctrinated by PC bollocks as to accept and even applaud their status as disposable units of production, to be replaced after a generation or two by fresh immigrants in the quantity and of the quality desired by the international money power for which JEB fronts.

Meantime, the CIA is reported to be funding cross-Mediterranean trafficking of  those fleeing the chaos created by US intervention in the Middle East and North Africa, a tide that is swamping Europe with a genocidal flood of highly fertile people with no connection to, or respect for, European civilization or the European people.


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