Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hillary's Emails: The Media Account Makes No Sense

Supposedly, Hillary Clinton, as US Secretary of State, transacted tens of thousands of emails concerning State Department business, many of them unencrypted, by way of a private email server,, run by a mom and pop internet service provider located in a loft apartment, where the server hardware was housed in a bathroom closet, all of which raises a number of obvious questions.

Is Hillary a total idiot?

Does the US State Department have no protocols to insure the security of official communications?

Does the US State Department have no one responsible for communications security who would have realized very quickly that the Secretary of State was using an insecure home-based private server for official business?

Did none of Hillary's immediate subordinates with whom she was in continual email communication warn her and the State Department's communications experts that what she was doing was insane?

Has no one at the State Department been fired for failing to insure the security of the Secretary of State's communications?

Was the NSA, which routinely monitors Angela Merkel's cellphone conversations, really unaware that Hillary's email was available to any half-decent hacker, including a Romanian taxi driver who passed on the Benghazi emails to the Russians?

And has no one at the NSA been fired for failing to discover and terminate Hillary's colossal security breach?

The story of Hillary's emails as related by the media seems to make no sense whatever unless we are to conclude either that Hillary was running some kind of dead obvious disinformation project to fool those dumb Chinks and Ruskies, or that Hillary is just dead stupid and was allowed to proceed with her stupid private communications set-up in order to provide someone in the Administration ammunition with which, at some later time, to blackmail the Clinton's, who though apparently incredibly stupid, do control a Foundation worth billions.

But perhaps the entire Western media narrative about just about anything from 9/11 to the shootdown of MH17 over Ukraine and the Hillary's emails saga is shear total rubbish made up by the people who used to write those splendid stories for the National Enquirer like the one about a flying saucer that landed somewhere in Florida, which was illustrated with a photograph of what turned out to be a half buried toilet seat.


WRH: Clinton: Email use was ‘fully above board' — Not

Fox News: Judge Jeanine: Hillary Could Be Charged With at Least 7 Crimes

Reuters: Dozens of Clinton emails were classified from the start

McClatchy: State Department did nothing to protect Clinton emails after hack

But still no one at the State Department has been fired?

The Washington Free Beacon: Watchdog: Two National Security Laws Appear Broken in Clinton Email Scandal

So are Hillary and her aides above the law, or what?

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