Monday, August 10, 2015

Donald Trump is the New Hitler. LOL

According to Mike Whitney, the Republican Party and their media allies intend to take out Donald Trump following his candid acknowledgment during last Thursday's GOP Presidential nomination candidates' debate that as a businessman he routinely paid for political favor from all and sundry including most of the other debate participants, plus Hillary Clinton.

No doubt the Democrats will gladly make this a non-partisan mugging, since Trump is clearly the strongest candidate, indeed the only strong candidate, in the Republican field, which is to say a sure winner against the totally corrupt Hillary, I came, I saw, He died, Clinton.


Daily Mail: First major post-debate poll shows Trump GAINED 7 points from the previous week and has backing of 32 per cent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents

Since most Americans wouldn't trust a member of Congress not to steal from the Church collection plate, it is hardly surprising the Donald Trump, the first non-professional politician to run for the Presidency since, Dwight D. Eisenhower, is beating the beJesus out of the bunch of fakes, frauds and feebletons running against him for the Republican presidential nomination.   
Carly Fiorina on a roll: up from 1% to 3%! Image source.

Investment Watch: POLL EARTHQUAKE: Trump leading among minorities, insiders in total shock
If any insiders are really in shock that Trump leads among minorities, then they must be truly stupid, since it is the minorities more than any other group who want to see off-shored jobs brought back to America and that is what Trump has promised to do, and what no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, has or ever or will ever promise to do (and if they did promise it, the promise would be an absolutely dead certain lie).
Pepe Escobar: Trump trumps them all in Republican debates

WND: Rush: 'Orders from GOP donors to take out Trump'

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