Thursday, July 30, 2015

Will Dying Ukrainians Be Replaced by Afrikainians?

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All of Europe is dying. Fertility rates of the indigenous populations average less than two-thirds of the replacement rate, whereas rates for many Third World immigrant groups vastly exceed the replacement rate. In Britain, for example, mothers from Libya have an average of 5.58 children, closely followed by those from Guinea, with 4.84 and Algeria with 4.32 versus 1.4 for white British mothers. The result? Population replacement, aka genocide, with the Brits already having been made a minority in their own home in major cities including the capital city of London. Naturally, to the liberal left, mention of this genocide — promoted by all the agents of political correctness; government funding of the mass slaughter of the unborn; a public policy to denigrate traditional sexual morality and the stability of the family — is "racist:" after all to stop it would be to rob those Third World immigrants the right to take the place of Europe's posterity.

Ukraine is no different from the rest of Europe and faces demographic disaster with a fertility rate less than two-thirds of the replacement rate. But unlike the EU, Third Worlders are not flooding in to take the place of the missing Ukies — yet.

But once within the EU orbit, the New World Order project for genocide of the Western nation states will kick in with a vengeance and Ukraine will fill up fast with opportunist from the the Third World. Such immigrants, are no doubt mostly good people like the energetic, self-confident and optimistic, white Europeans who displaced the Amerindians, the Australian Aborigines and New Zealand's Maori during the 19th and early 20th Century. But are the people of Europe, the indigenous white people with native ancestry going back several thousand years, really intent on committing suicide? Do Europeans really support the efforts of their governments to wipe their race and their nations from the face of the earth, to be replaced by a mongrelized horde of Muslims, Hindus, Taoists, Buddhists, and practitioners of Voodoo? And did any European government give their people the slightest opportunity to express an opinion on their own destruction?

Ukrainians, however, still have time to chose their future. If, instead of allowing themselves to be driven to war against the superpower to their East, they were to reestablish friendly and productive economic relations with Russia, then Russia would surely wish to aid them in restoring the fertility of their population, while securing their borders from uncontrolled mass immigration.


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