Friday, July 17, 2015

Scotch Nats at Westminster Meddle in English Affairs in Desperate Attempt to Distract Attention from Their Complete Irrelevance

From the Daily Mail:
The SNP is to launch an explosive bid to interfere in English affairs for the first time.
MPs from Nicola Sturgeon's party have been ordered to engage with business leaders and communities in towns and cities to discuss local issues which may have no relevance to Scotland.

The contentious 'outreach plan' comes after the party ripped up its rule book and announced earlier this week it would oppose proposed changes to the fox hunting ban in England and Wales.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson claimed that he now wants to capitalise on the 'good will' towards the Scottish Nationalists south of the Border.
They might as well just collect their paychecks, expense their shopping trips to London and otherwise save their breath.

Alternatively, they should cross the floor and join one of the unionist parties.

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