Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obama to Kenyan President: Grant Gay Rights — Kenyan President to Obama: Sod Off

CNN, July 25, 2015:

Obama equated legalized discrimination of gays to legalized racism in America...

[President] Kenyatta, however, said:

"Kenya and the U.S. share so many values: common love for democracy, entrepreneurship, value for families -- these are some things that we share," Kenyatta said. "But there are some things that we must admit we don't share. Our culture, our societies don't accept."

"It is very difficult for us to be able to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept," Kenyatta continued. "This is why I repeatedly say for Kenyans today the (gay rights issue) is generally a non-issue. We want to focus on other areas."

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