Friday, July 17, 2015

Loathed and Despised By All and Sundry, Donald Trump Who Leads in the Race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, Must Be Saying Something Right

Check Google or Bing news for Donald Trump and you will find that in the mainstream media, for every positive story, there are a dozen belaboring Trump as a liar, a buffoon, a racist, or all of the above.

The mainstream news media, owned by a handful of giant corporations, are the voice of the money power. So what is it they find not to like about Donald Trump?

First, Trump demands vigorous action to stem the tide of illegal immigration to the US. But as George H. W. Bush observed decades ago, Latino immigrants "solve the servant problem." More generally, mass uncontrolled immigration is what is driving wages down, a most desirable consequence since, as David Ricardo long ago explained, "Wages plus profits, together, are always the same." Or for the sake of absolute clarity: lower wages mean higher profits, which explains the growing income divergence between the 1% and particularly the ).0001% and the 99%.

Second, Trump condemns offshoring of jobs to Mexico, China and the rest of the low-wage, low workplace safety, low environmental regulation world because it robs Americans of jobs and thus of income and hence accounts for the current 19 to 20% real unemployment in America, the 50 million Americans on food stamps and America's declining GDP despite a rising population, while the nations to which jobs are being off-shored have economies growing at unprecedented rates of six to 12%.

Third, Trump wants to end the Bush/Clinton plan for more wars for American empire, or rather for a global empire ruled by the oligarchs, a policy that would cut heavily into the profits of the Military-Industrial Complex.

There is a further problem with Trump. He actually means what he says, and that is obvious from the fact that Trump, unlike the big banks and other globalized corporations such as GM, IBM, Monsanto, Pfizer, Merck, etc., etc., has made his money selling stuff, mainly real estate and real estate services, to ordinary Americans. Thus, only rising prosperity among ordinary Americans, not mass unemployment and welfare dependence, will add to Trump's bottom line.

So Trump is committed to the defeat of the New World Order, in accordance with which the Western nation states, including the USA, are to be trashed in the interests of the money power, which seeks global rule via bureaucratic international organizations such as the UN, the World Trade Organization, and NATO, all of which can be controlled by undemocratic means, i.e., arm-twisting, bribery, blackmail and, if necessary, the occasional assassination.

As a populist, Trump's the real deal. Unfortunately, although rich, he's not rich enough to take control of a significant portion of the mainstream media, which, in the hands of its globalist controllers, will drag his name in the mud and trample on it until even most hard-pressed and exploited Americans will be convinced that he's a liar, a buffoon and a racist, or in other words a scoundrel interloper among the legitimate agents of plutocracy, the Bush's the Clinton's and any other accomplished liars who can be reliably bought. And if character assassination doesn't work, a bullet will do the job just as well, as already threatened (and here).


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  1. The more the powers that be (the Media and government) hate him, the more likely I am to actually go out and vote for Trump.


    1. And the more the powers that be (the Media and government) hate him, the more certain we can be that he is correct in challenging the official narrative on the benefits to Americans of mass illegal Mexican immigration, the offshoring of jobs by the global corporations, etc.