Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why the UK Election Changes Nothing

Man is a predator that preys on his own kind: hence the social hierarchy — the working class works and the ruling class rules.

In Britain, during the 19th century, workers increasingly concentrated in large numbers in mines, shipyards, and factories posed a threat to the authority of the ruling class. The resulting class struggle culminated in the passage of the Trade Union Act of 1871, which gave British workers the legal right to organize for the purpose of bargaining with employers over wages and working conditions.

Funded by compulsory dues imposed on all workers within organized industries, labour unions became a major political force able to finance election campaigns and sponsor parliamentary candidates, mainly drawn from their own ranks.

The result was an anomaly in the arrangement of society. While workers continued to work, the rulers, which is to say the owners of capital, found themselves, under the influence of labour's representation in Parliament, heavily burdened by taxes to support social programs of all kinds intended to benefit the workers.

But within a hundred years of the passage of the Trade Union Act, the social tide again turned due to the forces of globalization to which the British were ruthlessly submitted by Prime Ministers Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Cameron. As a result, British workers were forced into competition with cheap labor both abroad, as the result of the off-shoring of jobs, and at home, as the result of mass immigration; the pace of which now constitutes a genocidal flood that has made the English a minority in their own capital city of London, and in many other towns and cities, including Leicester, Luton, Slough and, soon, England's second city of Birmingham.

Inevitably, the export of jobs combined with a glut of cheap labor at home destroyed the power of the labour unions. As a result, the Labour Party is now a party of slick lawyers and agents of foreign interests, the present leader (at the time of writing) being a staunch Zionist who asserts that welcoming foreigners is the essence of British Nationalism. Yeah, right: tell that to the million unemployed unskilled youths of Britain and the millions of low-paid workers competing for jobs not only with African, Asian and Middle-Eastern migrants, but with some of the best and the brightest ex-Soviet citizens of Eastern Europe, tens of millions of whom have the unimpeded right of immigration to Britain.

Thus, today, there is no party in Britain that could or would alter the economic course of events in any significant way. The Tories, if they remain in power, will continue to lie about their intention to curb immigration as they have during the past four years. Cheap labour, after all, is the basis of the money power that now owns not only the Tories but all the major British political parties and politicians.

The liberals will continue to applaud mass immigration as a process of value in and of itself, eliminating the British from the face of the Earth as they are outbred by a mass of philoprogenitive Third worlders.  and the Labour Party, which initiated the current immigrant deluge, will lie like the Tories as serves the need of the money power that pays for their election campaigns and rewards the leadership with payoffs after they leave office.

Meantime, UKIP, supposedly the champion of lower immigration, blathers continually about the benefits of immigration and, for God's sake, the need for more Indians: not that anyone in Britain dislikes Indians, far from it. But when more than half the population of my father's home town of Leicester is of Indian extraction, most Brits think it would be best to love Indians in India, not England, so who the Hell's gonna vote UKIP?

Likewise, the Scotch separatists, or SNP, have no more idea of serving the interests of the people of Scotland than anyone else. Their greatest desire, apparently, is to be admitted to the EU, there, along with the many other trivialities such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Luxembourg, etc., etc.,  to accept unquestioningly the dictates if the Brussels mandarins. But whether inside the UK or out, as members of the EU the Scots will have no choice but to compete for work with any number of Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians Albanians, Romanians, etc.,who chose to come and take what job they can from a native Scot.

In addition there are several other nonsense parties headed, like the Scotch Nats by women, who as I argued before, would best be tied in sacks and dumped in the Bosphorus. Certainly, if spared from drowning, these parties will accomplish nothing for the workers as they strive to create more jobs for members of the political class that serves the globalist plutocratic elite.


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