Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Scotch Nats at Westminster: A Party Without Power or Purpose

The Scottish National Party is a separatist, or as our friends in Kiev would say, terrorist, movement: its objective to tear Scotland, a lightly populated rocky outcrop at the northernmost tip of the British Isles, from the democratic, historically linked, linguistically unified, ethnically related, physically united natural geopolitical unit of the United Kingdom with the objective of inserting it into the undemocratic, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic, civil war prone, European Union where the interests of the Scottish people as a national entity would be regarded as of no consequence whatever.

In pursuit of the Will-'o-the-wisp of Scottish national fulfillment within the continental European Union the Scotch Nats have taken their campaign to the Parliament in Westminster, achieving a near sweep of Scotland in the 2015 general election, and sending 56 MP's to London. But in terms of practical politics this doesn't mean a thing. In Westminster the Nats can vote whichever way they want but without the slightest influence on the course of the majority Conservative government.

Moreover there is nothing that the Nats at Westminster can tell the government in Westminster that the Nats ruling in Edinburgh cannot tell the government in Westminster directly. All that the SNP members can do in Westminster is fester. And, of course, collect their pay cheques and submit their claims for expenses when making shopping trips to London.

No doubt Nats will try to divert attention to themselves in various ways, all of which will amount to nothing more than Scotch whinging. In time, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon will become known as the female equivalent of the Scotsman with a grievance, who as P.G. Wodehouse noted, is not difficult to distinguish from a ray of sunshine.


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Without either power or purpose in Westminster, the SNP were bound to lose credibility. But that they would discredit themselves the day the arrived  was more than anyone could have hoped. The Scottish people will surely soon regret, if they do not regret already, choosing such clowns to represent them. 
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