Friday, March 27, 2015

The War of Lies Against Russia

R-I: Daniele Ganser Interview : America’s Objective in Ukraine to Set Germany Against Russia

HuffPo: Rick Mercer Rant: Either Jason Kenney Or NATO Is Lying About Russian Fighter Jets

TruthDig: Canadian, Former US State Department Advisor, James Carden: Vladimir Putin Not Responsible for Ukrainian Civil War

Harper-backed Kievite Russophobes with Wolfsangel armbands.

James Carden: "We have never sought to apply any pressure on Kiev."


The Government of Canada has done just about everything it could get away with short of adopting the Wolfsangel in place of the maple leaf as the national emblem to inflame and intensify the Russophobia of Ukraine's Kiev junta, which is engaged in a genocidal struggle with the people of East Ukraine.


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CanSpeccy: Harper Government backs Ukraine's Nazi Junta in Crushing Separtists: Quebec Separatists Take Note

CanSpeccy: Steve Harper's Friends in Kyiv Killing Their Own People in Eastern Ukraine

CanSpeccy: In Canada We're All Nazi-lovers Now

CanSpeccy: How Canada's Government Came to Love Ethnic Cleansers Wearing Swastikas

CanSpeccy: Canada Prepares for War in Europe: Sends Military Police to Kiev

CanSpeccy: Ukrainian Civil War — It's About Killing Ukrainians, Not Russians

R-I: Ukraine Signs Deal with Canadian Export Agency for $160 Million Loan

Fort Russ: Ex-Chancellor Schroeder attacks Merkel's Russia policy

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