Wednesday, February 4, 2015

That's It For Now

I've written nothing for the last week or so, due to medical and other distractions. And after ten years of comment, starting at the CanadianSpectator,ca then migrating to various other less labor-intensive places, including this blog, Canspeccy on Wordpress, iLucretius and the Diary of an Inexact Scientist, I have probably said about as much as I can usefully say — if anything I have said can be said to have been useful at all. In any case, I don't expect to have time or energy to say very much more for several months, if not all eternity. Moreover, I am not sure that there is much more to be said, at least by me, on the themes with which I have been mainly concerned: namely, the transformation of Western society into a brutal, decadent, fraudulent, hypocritical, pseudo-democratic tyranny that promotes hatred for the Christian moral traditions of the West, a genocidal program for the European peoples, and a contempt for the rule of law. But to all those better informed and more articulate that I, who will surely continue to write along these lines, my best wishes.

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