Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taking Imperialist Humbug to the Next Level: Forty US Stooges in Paris

Petro Porochenko of Ukraine took part in Paris photo-op to honor the staff of the Islamophobic magazine Charlie Hebdo murdered by terrorists (curiously described by President Hollande of France as "illuminé"), while Porochenko's army and Nazified militias continue murdering his own citizens in Donestsk.

Porochenko is one of 40 heads of state who are said to "lead a march of millions" in Paris. But the photos show something different: most of the greatest humbugs and hypocrites in the World, with the exception of the Peace Prize winner, O'Bomber, converged on Paris not to lead a march, but to participate in a photo op, well segregated from the teaming masses.

Leading the masses in a march to honor the victims of the Charlie Hebdo
shooting: President Porochenko at right.

Um, well, actually, not leading the march. Just posing for the camera.

What Hollande meant by his reference to the "illuminé" is unclear, but it would seem that he was not so subtly indicting one of the Western intelligence agencies for a false flag attack on the Charlie Hebdo office to serve some fear-mongering agenda of their own. That Hollande requested, without avail, that Benjamin Netenyahoo not to attend, suggests that he may have had the Mossad in mind as the responsible, or rather irresponsible, agency; although an alternative explanation for the Netenyahoo disinvitation is that it would seem unduly provocative for the head of a state committed to the genocide of an Islamic people to attend a ceremony in memory of those allegedly murdered for insulting the Prophet.

But whoever was behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo, it has served to galvanize France's lower house of Parliament, which on Tuesday, overwhelmingly approved extending French airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq.

Image source.


Kim Peterson: Je ne Suis Pas Chalrie!

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Apparently what President Hollande thinks too, since he referred to those responsible as "illuminé"

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After days of flailing around, Europe’s elites have agreed on a line – free speech is sacrosanct, but only when it comes to mocking Christianity and Islam. The Holocaust is off-limits as is any questioning of immigration or multiculturalism.
WRH: First 'Charlie Hebdo' issue since attack sells out
One week ago, Charlie Hebdo was broke, asking for donations, and struggling to publish less than 50,000 copies of their magazine. Then their offices were attacked, their staff severely reduced, the survivors traumatized, and here we are just one week later with 3 million printed magazines in 16 languages all delivered to the newstands around the world?
Anyone who has ever worked in publishing knows this is an impossible...
It turns out that the new issue of Charlie Hebdo was financed by Britain's Zionist newspaper, The Gruniard, ($100,000), Google ($300,000) and the French Government ($1.2 million). Editorial staff and facilities were provided by some Commie publication, details of which I do not have to hand.

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