Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Funny Anti-Russian Bullshit

Conflict News tweets:

"Russia only has about twice as much cash* as Apple. It also just got downgraded to junk status."

Here's the joke:

With foreign currency reserves valued at US$130 billion,* the United States has $30 billion less cash than Apple, and less than half what Russia has.**

What's even funnier is this:

Russia's foreign debt is currently $599 billion, whereas America's foreign debt is listed by Wikipedia at US$17.999 trillion — yeah, that's right, trillion — of which $6.01 trillion is government foreign debt.

China, which has pledged support to Russia economically, is a net international creditor with foreign currency reserves about 30 times those of the United States.

The only thing that's really awesome about the United States is that it is run by a bunch of ZioNazis apparently intent on World War III. But I suppose when you owe more than you can possibly repay, reducing the rest of world to poverty through a relentless campaign to stir hatred, violence, and destruction may seem the only feasible way of avoiding one's obligations.


* For the sake of this kind of propaganda, there's no need to be clear what the Hell one is talking about. Maybe Conflict News is referring to foreign currency reserves, maybe they mean cash on hand at the Treasury, although in the case of the US of A it's hard to believe that there's any cash on hand at the Treasury, since US Government spending vastly exceeds income.

** US foreign currency reserves are currently valued at $130 billion. Russia's foreign currency reserves are twice that at US$379 billion.


R-I: The Numbers Don't Lie: Russia's "Junk" Status Is Ludicrous

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