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Canada Prepares for War in Europe: Sends Military Police to Kiev

"Non-lethal" Canadian aid the the Kiev Fascists: Source
The Harper government is seeking deeper ties with Ukraine's Kiev junta, and has signed an agreement aimed at broad military cooperation. As part of this agreement, Canada has sent a team that will seek training opportunities with Ukrainian forces in the areas of military police, medical personnel and "personal protective measures," although, according to the CBC report, neither the minister of Defense, Rob Nicholson, nor the Department of National Defence "could (would?) say what that meant in practical terms."

As we wrote in August, Nazi Nato appears to be setting the stage for a proxy war with Russia, a project in which Canada is a full participant. As a correspondent identified as Larchmonter 445 quoted by the Saker asks:
In the context of US cruise missiles into Poland and 100 US tanks into Latvia, also right on the Russian border, how do you interpret these developments?
And then adds that with Canadian military police in Kiev:
(security apparatus hardening, in my view) and 1000 US military advisers on the ground with Ukie troops, and inside the command and control of their military, I see this as the two proxy armies facing off behind a mere mask. Do you see the 'boots on the ground' as sacrifices the Hegemon is prepared to make (for surely the Russians don't care who's inside the battle zone they must dominate or they will be defeated)?
The Saker's response to these observations are presented in a post entitled:

The EU and the Ukraine stand to lose the most from the current US policies against Russia, which may be a fair assessment, but the men and women of Canada's armed forces are likely to be in harms way too.

More specifically, the Saker explains in compelling detail why a Nato attack on Russia is out of the question before setting forth reasons to expect a Nato proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, which will devastate Ukraine, subjugate Western Europe to the American Empire for another generation, and leave Russia open to subersion by its Atlanticist fifth column:
The real risk is that the US/NATO will wage war on Russia, but via the Ukraine. A lot of observers in Russia and the Ukraine are now saying that "the US is ready to fight the Russians down to the last Ukrainian solider" and that is sadly quite true.

The widely expected post-elections Ukrainian attack did not happen. Probably due to a combination of factors including elections in the Ukraine, the Russian re-opening of the Voentorg and the fact that Ukrainian commanders have made the judgment that they need more time for preparation. Still, if by some miracle the Nazi regime in Kiev survives until the Spring, a resumption of combat operations is most likely. At which point the US would use its total control of the Nazi junta to start a real war between Russia and the Ukraine which, of course, the Ukraine could not win, but which would be a disaster for both Russia and the Ukraine and which would justify an even more rabid russophobia in the EU, especially following the inevitable Russian victory.

The best defense which Russia has against such a scenario would be to strengthen Novorussia enough to resist the Ukrainian attack while using all her covert power to try to trigger an popular revolt against the regime. We are, after all, talking about sending Ukrainian soldiers into a war they cannot win to be massacred en masse by a infinitely superior Russian military. We always come to the same conclusion: at the end of the day, the Ukrainian people have to decide for themselves if they want to live in a Nazi failed state or if they want to die for the AngloZionist Empire.

As for Russia, the threat for her is not military. Not from the US, not from NATO, not from the EU or the Ukrainian military. In fact, Putin specifically stated that the Russian Armed Forces were sufficient to protect Russia from any conceivable attack. And he is right. For Russia, the threat is first and foremost the internal "5th colum" the "Atlantic Integrationists" inside the regime, especially in and near the Medvedev government who are in a prefect position to sabotage the "Eurasian Sovereignist" political course of Putin and his supporters and who have a vested interest in preventing the much needed reform of the Russian economy in order to create popular discontent against Putin. Truly, it is the Ukraine and the EU who are most at risk from the current trend. They are the sacrificial lambs of an AngloZionist Empire gone insane in its arrogance and hypocrisy. If the AngloZionists succeed in triggering a Russian-Ukrainian war the Ukrainians will, of course, lose it while western Europe will become completely subjugated to the USA for many years to come under the pretext of protecting Europe form a completely fictional "Russian threat". Considering how totally subservient to Washington EU politicians are and the total control the US is having over the Nazi junta, the only hope is for a late and miraculous wakeup of the European or Ukrainian people. I am not holding my breath, even if hope dies last.
To which may be added that should the Ukies armed by Nato, in effect led by Nato and acting with the assistance of substantial numbers of Nato personnel on the ground manage to humiliate Russia in some degree by inflicting particularly severe casualties or by demonstrating clear weaknesses in Russia's military capabilities, the prospect for the breakup of Russia into a dozen or so oligarch-controlled stans will be greatly enhanced.

But this latest American imperialistic adventure is not without hazard. Whereas the objective is to humiliate Russia, the result may be to discredit the United States. If Russia were to impose an inpenetrable no-fly zone over NovoRossiya, destroying Nato drones, fighters bombers, and possibly even ballistic missiles, The Empire would be revealed as a paper tiger no longer to be feared, or more importantly for Europe, obeyed.


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