Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why Won't Those Goddam Ukrainian Moskals Just Die, Instead of Holding Fake Stinkin' Elections

The Brainwashing of the West

Pro-Russian rebels hold rogue elections in eastern Ukraine ...

Ukraine rebels hold election despite international outcry
(Outcry by CBC, Foreign Policy, Reuters, etc. etc. LOL)

Wall Street Journal:
Pro-Russia Rebels Open Polls Across East Ukraine in Renegade Elections

Foreign Policy:
Eastern Ukraine's Fake State Is About to Elect a Fake Prime Minister


  • Europe won't recognize vote in eastern Ukraine, Merkel tells Putin 
  • (Merkel tells Putin! Why doesn't she tell the East Ukrainians that Germany doesn't give a damn about their right not to live under a Nazi-backed government that has just killed thousands of them, including hundreds of women who were raped before they were murdered.)
  • The PuffHo:
    Ukraine Breakaway Regions Hold Criticized Elections
  • Oh, and here's a good one:

    The Interpreter:
    Fake Monitors “Observe” Fake Elections in the Donbass
    The “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) and “Luhansk People’s Republic” (LNR), which are officially considered terrorist organisations by the Ukrainian authorities, will hold “parliamentary elections” on Sunday, November 2, on the territories occupied by them with the help of the Russian army.

    These “elections” are widely considered illegal and illegitimate ...
    Yes these are clearly "terrorist" organizations, since they have been fighting punitive battalions in Nazi regalia sent by the US/UK/Canada/Austrialia/EU-backed Kiev government to "kill those damn Russians."


    Incumbent Donbass leaders Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky win elections - final results

    US General NcNeely pranked to reveal NATO plans for military assistance to Ukraine

    Ukraine Lawmaker: Today we are ready to invade Russia

    Eric Margolis: Afghanistan, None Dare Call It Defeat

    USAma Bin Laden died in December, 2001 of Marfan Syndrome

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